Before we left Nomela, we (or more specifically, I) had something to eat, also, I bought some candies for <The Maggot> just as promised. It was only when I saw her eating the candies that I questioned the fact that ghosts were able to eat, but she managed to eat the candies, so I guess there's not much more to add about it.

After we were ready, we gave our goodbyes and left the town on our way to Contés.

Nothing unexpected happened while we were traveling, so we ended up arriving at the town without problems.

Just as we did at Nomela, we met the town chief, talked about the situation of the town and the people and then walked across the streets to see the reality with our own eyes.

Wait, do you really think I’m going too fast? Are you telling me that you want to know about those places, people and circumstances that are really similar between Nomela and Contés, along with the bureaucracy that came when the town ended being under the Demon Lord’s control?

To be honest with you, I don't care about that stuff. I mean, when I realised that the status of the two towns was almost the same, I stopped caring about the details and almost fully copied the report that I previously did for Nomela.

Of course I changed the stuff that needed to be changed, like the chief’s name, I’m not that forgetful. The name was… just let me check… Markus. Contés’ chief was an old man called Markus.

Anyway, after the report about the town was ready (and I bought candies for the ghost girl, again) we were ready to go back to the Demon Lord’s castle.

But I was really tired, I had been taken out of the bed really early in the morning, so even with all the whining and complaining of the ghost girl we ended up staying in the inn for the night.

Again, we reached our destination without further troubles so I was able to give my report to the Demon Lord before launch.

She looked really pleased while reading it, the people were doing great after all. But then, her expression turned into a quite serious one. Yes, the lack of response from the kingdom and the soldiers messing things up from time to time were things that the Demon Lord should pay attention to.

“You should resume your training with Fynx…”

“W-Why?! She's crazy, you know? And Kirwa is doing great so I don't think…”

“Are you telling me that Kirwa is going to protect you? Whakaka~ Just what kind of men are you?”

I could feel her piercing disgusted eyes looking at me. Even if I’m surrounded by strong people, I should learn at least one or two tricks to defend myself. I know that, but Fynx is just crazy…

“Are you willing to be a butler forever? If you prove yourself as a warrior, you could rank up.”

“But that would mean that I’ll have less free time to mess around, right?”

“You are really honest. Whakaka~”

My Lady had a grin on her face, but it didn't last long because she repeated herself.

“Anyway, you are supposed to take care of Kirwha, so you are going to train!”


Few weeks had passed since that talk. Maybe she knew what was going to happen and that's why she ordered me to train? Or maybe I’m thinking too much about it…

Right now, the castle is a mess. Demons running from one place to another and my Lady shouting orders to everyone.

The Kingdom has started to move. Not some towns, not Riverfall, not some soldiers and heroes, the whole Kingdom has gathered its strengths and has started to move towards us.

It seems that the lack of response was just a bad omen for us, the calm before the storm.


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