After Tayaka got herself together, we started talking. Honestly, I wasn't expecting her to live in one of the towns under the Demon Lord’s control. She didn't know that either, that's why she didn't mention it when we met on the adventure we had to Lord Metball’s mansion.

Tayaka confirmed to us all the information we already gathered. The people are living nice and well because of the increased amount of resources and raw materials that are coming to the towns, but the Kingdom and Soldiers' behaviour are making things a little bit difficult.

While we were talking, her sisters kept on playing in the street, chasing each other, running and screaming. Her sisters were really young, making the older of them only 14 years old (The same age <The Maggot> had when she was alive).

“I didn't know that you were working for the Demon Lord, Butler-san. I guess that could explain a lot.”

“Well… You don't see people that powerful [and weird] walking around Riverfall very often, do you?”

“Mhmm… If I think about it, there's a lot of powerful [and weird] people around, but not as powerful [and weird] as your companions… Maybe I should have suspected something. Hahaha~”

Tayaka was laughing nervously as she said those words. She also hit her head with a closed fist in the clasic cute and moe way that those kinds of characters always do.

While we were talking, the older of Tayaka’s sisters, who was carrying a bucket full of water, tripped over giving her an improvised shower.

“W-Wha-What are you doing, Alea!”

“I-I’m so so-sorry, sis!”

A blushed, teary eyed Tayaka screamed at her teary eyed sister who started running away.

The water made Tayaka’s clothes stick to her body, making her figure even clearer, besides, as she was wearing light colored clothes, they turned a little bit transparent, letting me see things that were normally hidden, like the shape of her belly or the color of her underwear.

Her tights, arms, hair and neck were wet and shining due the sunlight, making her look even more beautiful. Yes, I know, normally I’m surrounded by cute and beautiful girls, but you can't deny that a wet girl with wet clothes had her own kind of charm attached to her.

When Tayaka noticed me looking at her, she covered herself as a matter of instinct. But that doesn't matter right now, it's useless, because her looks have already stuck deep inside my memories.

“Don't you think you are looking at her a little bit too much, Onii chan?”

“Do you really think that?”

I asked the ghost girl. Of course I’m looking, it is a man’s duty to look at those perfect scenes as much as he can, so he would be able to save those images into his memories and inherit them to his descendants.

“I didn't know that you have eyes for human girls too…”

“My eyes are for every girl, why should I limit myself to just one kind with such a big variety of beauties around?”

“That's… Just forget this talk…”

The ghost girl let her arms down. She looked defeated but I honestly can't get why.

After Tayaka dried herself and changed her clothes, we talked a little bit more, then we said goodbye and started walking (and floating) towards the stables.


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