We started walking through the streets of Nomela, paying attention to every little detail.

It's part of human nature to hide information to make things look better than how they really are when you are giving a report. You could be aware or not, but that's the truth, that's just how things work. Julius isn't a bad person, but we must find the truth about how the people of Nomela are feeling about the new ruler.

After walking around for a while, we reached the conclusion that Julius didn't lie. No, that sounds really simple, so let me elaborate a little bit further: Julius didn't lie, but even so, things are worse than expected.

Even if they have a good and peaceful life, the weird feeling of being ruled for those who killed people they know can't be ignored. They are being ruled by Demons with hands stained with blood.

But the kingdom's reaction is also weird. They abandoned the people at their own luck, maybe because of the rumors about what happened in the third town? But even if the kingdom decided to ignore the situation for now, there are still soldiers and adventurers that come to the town looking for trouble.

In other words, the future is really uncertain for the people living in the villages under the Demon Lord’s control. Even if their current status is good, if at some point they lose the Demon Lord’s protection, the ones that’ll be burning these towns to the ground won't be the Monsters.

We continued walking around the town until we saw a really weird scene that left us with no words.

Four little girls, all with brown, short hair with bangs and freckles on their faces, running in a straight line, chasing the one in front of them. Besides their similarities (looks and clothes included), each one was a little bit smaller than the previous one, making them look like a set of matryoshka dolls. Near them, was the big one (and clearly older of the set), watching at them with a happy look on her face.

That's a face I’m already acquainted with, but I wasn't expecting to see it here, so I was surprised. The clumsy maid Tayaka (now with casual clothes) saw me and waved her hand at me, so we decided to go there.

“Oh Butler-san! What are you doing here in this town, and who is the cute girl that’s with you this time?”




Both the ghost girl and I weren't expecting Tayaka (or anyone) to see her, so we could only let out a weird one word question, just to be sure that we heard the right words. On the other hand, Tayaka didn't seem to notice how her seeing the ghost girl was weird, so hearing our questions just made her confused, making her repeat our words.

We ended up just staying there, silent while looking at each other. At the end, the ghost girl was the one who answered while pointing at her feet.

“As you can see, I’m a ghost!”

Tayaka looked at the hands of the ghost girl and saw her, floating in the air. Of course, until now she hasn't realised the fact that the girl by my side was a ghost, so she turned pale, fell on her butt and with a trembling voice tried to say something while pointing at the ghost girl with an unstable hand and her eyes wide open.

“W-WhA… W-WHaAhWahWaHaWha!”

Seeing that, the ghost girl put her hands on her waist and shouted at Tayaka.

“Oi! That's really disrespectful, you know?!”


Tayaka let out a loud scream. Just how much of a distracted girl she is?


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