We are finally out. We are currently in the middle of the castle courtyard, right beside a luxurious fountain made of marble and jewels that reflects the moonlight with a blue pale light.

<The Maggot> Was looking at every direction she possibly could looking, searching and thinking about the next step, she was really agitated. When she made her mind, she grabbed my wrist and started pulling me to where the stables were.

When we arrived, she started slapping the closest horse to wake it up. The horse looked upset, but she promised to give it some candies and sooner than later the horse started to neigh happily.

As soon as we put a horse chair on our new companion, we started riding towards the towns of Nomela and Contés. The road was the same until the middle part, so we hoped we could catch the carriages before the fork of the roads.

“This horse is amazingly fast. Maybe we could really catch them!”

“Yes! It's doing its best to get some candies too, Onii chan!”

Answered the ghost girl while floating by my side.

Actually, this was the fastest of the horses of the stable, but we didn't know that at this point, we found out when we came back to the castle. But not knowing that this was the fastest horse, didnt stopme from the next thought chain that came to my mind after seeing <The Maggot> by my side.

Yes, this horse is really fast, but… What about her? She is by my side, floating…

You get it, right? Or am I the only one that's seeing something bad here? I mean, the horse is fast, so we may be able to reach the carriages, but why does a ghost need a horse? She is actually floating by my side, so I'm the only one riding the horse right now. Even more, she is not sweating or anything. Can ghosts get tired? She could float even faster? A lot of questions were flowing in my mind.

Of course, she doesn't know what I’m thinking right now, so she was looking at me with a clueless smile while still floating by my side.

We arrived at the fork right when a thin orange line started to draw into the horizon. Of course, <The Maggot> didn't know what path to take, so she looked at me with a worried expression looking for answers.

“If I recall correctly, the first stop it's going to be the town of Nomela, so we should head there.”

“O-Okay! Let's go there then, Onii chan!”

After that brief talk, we started riding (and floating) towards the town of Nomela.

Nomela was the first town we visited that fateful day, the one ruled by an old man. I don't know much about the town itself, but after it ended under the Demon Lord’s control, I was named the ambassador between our Lady and the town.

I haven't done much work for that matter, only paper work about food, materials and gold, but no much more than that, that's why I had been entrusted with the work of visiting the towns and making some reports about the status of the towns and the people. We don't want them to start an uprising or something. Also, we know nothing about the posture of the kingdom about the matter, so we really need to gather some info.

We managed to catch the cart with the vases half an hour after taking the road to Nomela, I guess this part of the quest is already done.

“Finally! I was really, really, really worried!”

The little girl started spinning and jumping while hugging a luxurious vase with golden details and paintings of green dragons. It was a really beautiful workpiece.

“I’m glad we made it... But you should be more careful of where you store your stuff!”

I chided the ghost girl, but she didn't hear me, or pretended not to, and just limited herself to pout and stick out the tongue as a sign of disrespect. But I did not care about that, even if she is a ghost, she can be really childish sometimes.


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