The girl kept on sobbing while murmuring some unintelligible words from time to time.

Honestly, I was so shocked about what had just happened and what she told me, that I didn't know what I should do or even if I could do something about it, so at the end I just stayed here, patting her head in an useless attempt to comfort her.

We continued like that for half an hour until she finally calmed down. Now I'll just need to be careful to don't make her start to cry again.

“Ejem… So… What were you looking for that made you come here?”

“That's right, Onii chan! You need to give back what you stole from me!”

What's this girl talking about? I mean, this is the first time we saw each other, so it's really hard I've stolen something from her, even more, I don't recall stealing something from anyone in this entire life.

I know what you are thinking right now, but no, that incident in Lord Meatball’s mansion doesn't count, he voluntarily gave us the item after all.

“Huh, what are you talking about Magg… Ejem… What are you talking about?”

I almost messed things up there, but I’m somehow safe, for now.

“Come on, Onii chan, dont play dumb! You stole the vase where I was saving my coins!”


The closer I've been to vases lately was yesterday while I was cleaning them. I remember taking some of them under my Lady’s orders because… When I remembered what happened next, I felt how I was turning pale at the same time that a shiver fell down my spine.

“There! You remembered something, I can see it in your face!”

The girl screamed at me with a triumphant expression at the time she put her index finger in the tip of my nose. She had indeed found the culprit but…

“Yeah… I recall taking some vases from the guest rooms, but the thing is…”

“The thing is…?”

The girl asked while keeping her expression similar to the one of a detective that has just solved the hardest of the cases.

I had to gather all my will power to tell her the truth, she was crying so hard minutes ago, so I don't know what will happen if I broke her heart again.

“The thing is, I don't have those vases anymore...”

Her expression broke. I know I've already stated that she is a ghost, meaning she has that pale and transparent vibes in her, but she really turned pale hearing those words. No, we could say that she turned white, literally white.

Her knees trembled for a few seconds until her legs lost all strength and she fell into the orz pose. She wasn't blinking and her eyes and face looked dead (jokes aside). That being said, she could somehow murmur some words with a monotone and dead voice (again, jokes aside).

“Huh…? What did you just say?”

She even forgot the tag she was using for me not long ago.

“I don't have those vases anymore, they are not even in the castle…”


The ghost girl is still there in the orz pose, but now she is looking at me with shining eyes. She is about to start crying again, so I better tell her the full story.

“Under our Lady’s orders, some of the vases were collected and sent to the towns of Nomela and Contés that are currently working for her. I didn't notice one of them had coins or anything inside…”

“B-But they were my savings! We should do something, the <Beast sale> is coming soon!”

“Beast sale…?”

This girl wants a pet or something like that? Wait… Can ghosts have pets? Wont be sad for them? Could ghosts’ pets turn into ghosts too? Can we even have pets in the Demon Lord’s castle? Tons of questions were flowing through my head at the same time, so I could only ask about the concept she had just mentioned without elaborating further.

“The Beast sale! That time of the year when Candy stores sell their stock with beastfull discounts! Come on, we need to retrieve those savings, I’ll even share some candies if you help me!”

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the bed, then she started running (or I must say floating really fast) across the corridors and halls of the Castle. Maybe she is right, if we rush to the carriages we could be able to catch them, they are carrying vases, so they must travel really slow, but I’m not quite convinced about this being my fault.

Well, I had to go to those towns to make some reports, so better get that job done sooner than later. I could even win a raise.


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