“W-What are you talking about? No, what are you doing here in the first place?!”

I nervously asked the girl.

I’m startled, a cute girl like her has just appeared in my room in the middle of the night, could this be my chance? But she is a ghost… She is really close to me, she is really beautiful if you ignore the fact that she is a ghost. How old is she? Does age matter when we are talking about ghosts? Do ghosts get older? No, no, no what I'm thinking! This is weird, this is really weird.

The girl was looking at me with a disgusted face. Another mind reader? No, maybe my expresion was so obvious, I’m just waking up after all.

“E-Etto, Onii chan... You are really gross..."

“Haha! Don’t say that, you are the one who was crawling into my bed in the middle of the night!”

“I-I’m not… I’m not in your bed! Look at me, I’m floating over it!”

Her reactions are funny. Her cheeks are red and her voice started to tremble. Should I tease her a little bit more? She seemed like she came looking for something but maybe she already forgot it… Anyway, let's tease her a little.

“Come on! Dont play dumb with me, you were trying to do something weird and I dont even know your name!”

“N-Name? Not that you mention it…”

The girl went quiet, she seemed to be thinking about something. She was looking at something like a flame that appeared in the palm of her hand. It was made of pure white light and the reflection of it in her eyes made it look like she was looking deep inside of her own soul. No, she was actually doing that. Finally she started talking again.

“Well, I haven been called by a name in years, so lets try this Onii chan!”

“What are you planning?”

“Just look at this flame in my hand, and call me by my name. You should remember it perfectly, are you ready?”

An aura of pride and trust was surrounding her, she really is like a child. Besides, years without using her name? How are people calling her then? Does she even talk with someone?

I decided to go along with her plan, after all, I was the one wanting something to happen.

“So what's your name, girl?”

“I am <<The Mystical and Magical Ghost, Aurelia von Jewels>>”

She looked really prideful while saying that. But her spread legs, her closed hand at her nonexistent chest and her straight back while she was stepping on tiptoes along with her childish expresion, made it impossible not to joke white her ridiculous name.

“Oh so you are <<The Maggot>>?!”

Her expression broke as soon as she heard my words.

“W-Wait Onii chan! Don't say something like that or...!”

But it was too late. The flame on her hand shone with a cold and warm bright at the same time.


She made a sound similar to the one of a squirrel, but she couldn't say anything more because her eyes started shining too and a extrange glow enveloped her body just for a few seconds.


I somehow feel like I just did something terrible to her.

“Uh… What was that?”


She was really angry. Her fists were clenched and shaking, I could even swear that I saw flames around her and in her eyes.

“It’s something wrong…?”

I asked her with a nervous voice.

“Honestly, I don't get what happened but if somehow I could fix it, I’ll do my best…”


But no, it looked like there was nothing to do about this, because as soon as I said that, she fell on her knees and started crying while covering her face with both of her hands.

“Come on Aurelia, don't cry… Tell me what happened…”

I went to her and started patting her head, it was a really weird sensation. Normally, you wouldn't be able to touch a ghost but I somehow could.

It wasn't really like touching something, it was more like putting you hand into a cloud of vapor, because she felt really warm and there was nothing against my hand, but I could feel some resistance in the air, and her amethyst hair was moving along with it so I concluded that I was indeed touching a ghost.

“D-Don’t.. Don't call me like that…”

She was still sobbing and covering her face, but she managed to say those words with a really sad voice.

“I don't get it, you just told me that that was your name…”

“It was my name… Now…”

I could feel her expression and voice turning bitter. Just please don't tell me that…

“Now, because of you… Now I’m <<The Maggot>>! You stupid Onii Chan!”

The girl said out loud with a broken voice and eyes full of tears. Yes, I really managed to mess things up this time...


AN: Finally we have the little sister character. Well since she is <<The Maggot>> things aren't going to be easy… Why did she go to our perfect MC’s room in the first place?


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