Nothing more happened during our walk through the deserts streets of Whitestone so we just kept on walking, sometimes talking, other times silent looking at the different buildings that the city had.

At some point, we decided to go back to the castle, so my Lady took my hand, and a veil of darkness surrounded us, blocking the moonlight and leading us to the gates of the Demon Lord’s castle.

What about the Hero’s party? They are fine, they just got sent away, so they couldn't bother us for a while. But that's the Demon Lord’s saying, I don't know where they went, or even if they all went to the same place. I don't even know how she did that, but that display of power was enough to make me unable to ask her some questions, at least for a while. You don't want to bother someone so powerful that can make you disappear without doing anything.

That being said, today I’m not doing anything interesting, just dusting off the luxurious vases and furniture spread around the castle.

I haven't noticed this before, but this castle is really big, full of rooms and luxurious stuff in almost every corner, no this work is really tedious.

If I was able to choose, I prefer pouring tea on my Lady’s legs, or giving her a shoulder massage. That would be a really interesting job, with tons of jokes and lewd stuff happening everywhere, but sadly today’s work is really boring.

I kept on cleaning stuff for hours. It was so boring that I even lost track of time, it was useless. If I was able to know how much time I’ve been doing this, I'd have turned crazy long ago, but since I don't know, I’m able to fulfill this duty as a brainless cleaning robot.

But this is a fantasy world, and I’m in the Demon Lord’s castle, so something must happen, right? I mean, what's the point of this setup if nothing happened? Why would someone reincarnate in another world just to do some daily chores?

So I kept doing my work with that thought deep inside my mind, hiden, because if there's something worse than nothing happening, it is that nothing happens when you were expecting something to happen.

Like arriving late at home on your birthday knowing that there's no one there waiting for you, but some part of your brain (or heart) thinks that because it's your birthday, there's gonna be someone there to congratulate you, because no one did it yet.

But no, there was no one there, and with that thought in your mind, the daily lonely dinner turned into a depressive feast for bad thoughts and self depreciation.

That's why, if you know that nothing is going to happen about something, you shouldn't expect something, you’ll only get disappointed at the end if you do that. On the other hand, if you're not expecting anything to happen, even the smallest thing would surprise you, like finding an old buck into a pair of dirty pants.

Knowing that, I keep on pushing those hopes into the back of my head, because if at the end of the day, nothing happens, I’ll be really disappointed, as I said, I never did this kind of thing in my previous life, why would I do them in this one? But… If something happens, even the slightest thing, I’ll be really amazed. We are talking about the Demon Lord’s castle in a fantasy world after all, I bet that even the slightest thing that could happen here, would never gonna happen in my previous life in your world.

Of course I don't have to clean every piece of furniture in every room, that would be… Inhuman? But we are talking about the Demon Lord’s castle, so I don't know if that's the right term, but you get my point, right? My job for today is cleaning the main rooms and hallways along with the guest rooms.

As expected, during the first half of the day (before lunch) nothing happened, but it's during the afternoon that weird stuff starts happening in these kinds of places, right?

Maybe in some forgotten room during the twilight I'll end up seeing a hidden door that's only available during those hours… Maybe I'll find a sleeping beauty under the bed of the guest room… Maybe I'll step on a trap that would throw me deep into the dungeons of the castle, full of ghosts and bones of the enemies of my Lady…

“No! I shall keep those thoughts away, otherwise I won't be surprised if something like that happens!”

Saying those words to the air, I finished my lunch and continued with my daily chores.

One, two, four or maybe five hours have passed since that. Now I’m ready. The sky is orange and the voices of the people walking through the corridors have disappeared. There's no one around these forgotten guest rooms in the inner part of the castle, so this is the perfect timing for my adventure to begin.

“Come at me whenever you want!”

I continued dusting off windows and door frames, pieces of furniture, vases, everywhere dust could be found, you never know where those hidden buttons are, do you?

But one, two hours passed, and nothing, absolutely nothing happened. Maybe on the way back to my room then?

I went back to my room, haven finished my work for today, I’m really tired. But night is the most important hour for adventures, even more if we are talking about demons.

When I finally arrived at my room, I threw myself to the bed, I’m exhausted, but this can't end this way, so I stayed away, looking at the ceiling.

“Something, a noise, an unexpected visit, something…”

One, two, three hours… Nothing…


I shouted with all my lungs, I was really upset! I’m in a fantasy world, in the Demon Lord’s castle! What kind of awful joke is this? There are spiders and slime living more exciting lives than mine! Why would someone be reincarnated into another world just to take off the dust of some unused rooms!

I kept complaining, sometimes in my mind, sometimes out loud until I fell asleep, what an awful day… But, if I think about it, maybe having some peaceful days just like this one, isn't that bad...


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