The night went silent. Not the breeze, neither the breathing of the ones there, you couldn't hear anything. Everyone was so shocked about what just happened that nobody could break the heavy atmosphere ruling the scene, so at the end, everyone stood there, frozen and with the words stuck at their throats.

Finally, someone spoke. It was the Demon Lord, the author of all this mess or maybe the one who stopped it. But everyone was so scared, angry and clueless about what just happened that they weren't able to see what would have happened if the fight had gone any further.

“Anyone else is going to try something funny? You shouldn't mess with things you don't understand, Heroes. Keep playing the strong with those weapons and magic, but you should never forget how weak you really are. Whakaka~”

The party was frozen, speechless while the Demon Lord said those words with a despicable look on her eyes. And it was not for less, they have lost their leader after all.

Right after the Hero charged at us saying those stupid words and wielding his holy sword with both hands, a moment before he could land a clean hit right in the neck of the Demon Lord, he just vanished in the air. Not even the sword or clothes were left, nothing, all of him and his belongings just disappeared in the air.

But that's not all, the Demon Lord did nothing, she didn't cast a spell or make a gesture and there were no lights, sound or wind. The Hero just vanished, instantly, leaving nothing behind and with nothing happening that could explain that fact.

That's why the line <<You shouldn't mess with things you don't understand>> was so terrifying, because no one could explain what happened or simply how did that happen. The difference in power was so big that it felt like she could kill you just wishing so, and maybe she could.

But Humans are simple, if you kill one of their partners, they will fight even God to avenge the death, no matter if they all share the same luck they can't just simply give up one of their own. With fear comes the strength they say, but fear also makes you stupid.

That being said, the course of action was clear for everyone there, things just needed to start to move that way.

Seeing that no one was doing nothing, my Lady took my hand again and started walking away, but that was just a taunt, she knew better than them what they were going to do next.

“You, bitch!”

The first was the Warrior, he stood up and charged at us with his gigantic axe, but just as his partner with blue armor, he simply disappeared in the air before the blink of an eye. The Demon Lord did not pay attention to him, because during all that time, she just kept on walking away at a slow pace.


The flat chested Elven girl chanted a spell and shot her arrows at us. They were all covered in a light green aura and they were surfing the air faster than a bullet. But that was nothing for the Demon Lord, I mean, she is the Demon Lord, she can't be defeated with just some arrows.

So just as you might be expecting, the arrows vanished mid air. The look on the Elven girl’s face was unique. She turned pale and her eyes were wide open just as her mouth and between her legs, you could see liquid running down her thighs. Right before her legs collapsed, she also disappeared.

The Demon Lord just kept walking, she didn't even give a look to them. This is scary, I know I’m on her side, but it seems like she could simply kill everyone in this city if she wanted to.

The last one to move was the Thief, for the record, I don’t know if it's a boy or a girl, because the robe that’s wearing hides almost every aspect of itself. The Thief just appeared in front of us, but the Demon Lord didn't stop her peaceful walk.

The Thief move was faster than Kirwha’s, but slower than Fynx’s, it was a move after all, not just some teleportation. But speed is just a concept, and concepts can be understood with logic and rules and both of those things don't apply in this situation, so before the Thief could do anything, it vanished too.

“Mhmm, so you are doing nothing?”

The Demon Lord stopped before asking those words to the Witch. She was crying, sobbing, she was just a dirty mess, of pale trembling flesh. Of course she wont do anything, she was the only one who could barely understand the extent of the Demon Lord’s power, and understanding that made her unable to move or react to what had just happened.

My hand was freed of the Demon Lord’s grip, and she appeared where the Witch was. I can't try to explain why or how she did that, so I’ll just accept everything from here on.

“Okay girl, you seem smart, I’ll give you a choice. Whakaka~”

“Uh...? W-What… W-Why..?”

“What happened, a demon ate your tongue? Whakaka~”

A choice? What's she planning? Maybe she would take her with us to the castle? She could need more servants, maybe someone to experiment with… Those thoughts made me shiver.

“Oi, don't think bad stuff about me! I’ll just offer her a peaceful life serving me, or join the fate of her party members.”

Yes, that doesn't seem so far from what I have just thought…

“I-I… I’ll never… I’ll never serve a demon!”

The girl was shaking, her voice was shaking too, maybe even her soul, but she is somehow standing against the Demon Lord, even if her face is covered in tears and her butt on the ground because her legs lost all strength long ago.

“Oh? You are brave, Witch. Goodbye then! Whakaka~”

With those words the Witch also vanished in the air, leaving the streets again in silence and with no one around.

“Fuuu, I’m tired. Shall we continue our stroll then?”

Said the Demon Lord letting out a sigh of relief before offering me her hand. Of course I’m not a fool, so I gladly accepted her offer to keep on walking through the streets all night.


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