We continued walking through the empty streets. The capital is really peaceful with no one around, but that peace wouldn't last long. When we turned in one of the crossroads I saw some familiar faces rushing towards us, when their eyes met mine, they suddenly stopped.

Right in front of us was the Hero's party that me and Phlum saw (and fight) in Riverfall. The Hero with blue armor with gold details, the big chested Witch, the flat chested Elven girl, the Thief covered in a robe darker than night, and the muscular Warrior with his dual wielding axe. They seemed to recognize me, because they stopped her race the moment they saw me. This is probably bad.

“Oi oi oi. Look at that prick! He is the one from that day!”

The gigantic warrior started walking to us while swinging his axe with a big smile drawn on his face. The Hero in blue armor showed signs of weariness while putting his hand on his own face and the others members of the party took combat stances.

“Who are these people again?”

The Demon Lord asked me with a clueless expression on her face, she hadn't met them before, so there's no justification for their actions. Even if they saw me with Phlum, I did not harm them, but I guess that's what I get for hanging out with demons.

“That's the party Phlum fight at Riverfall the day she wiped the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Mhmm. I see.”

“No, now you are gonna see!”

The warrior shouted while charging at us with his axe ready to strike us.

“Oh, just shut up!”






The Hero’s party reacted at the Demon Lord's words, because right when she finished them, the warrior froze in his place. Well, he isn't frozen, but he is stopped, right there, as if he were tied with invisible string making him unable to move any muscle. In other words, he is frozen, right there, with no sign of ice or even cold.

“You, bitch. What did you do?! I cannot move!”

“Didn't I say <Shut up>? You guys are ruining our date.”

With a movement of her hand, the Demon Lord made the Warrior unable to talk, now he couldn't move or talk. He was there, frozen in an uncomfortable pose ready to swing his axe at us.

The Witch of the party was pale, shaking. The reason is simple, she was a Witch, she was the only one barely able to understand what had just happened and the amount of power you need to do something like that, even more if you want to do it with simple gestures making it look like the easiest thing in the world.

But she was wrong. Even if she could try to guess the power of the girl by my side, the difference is so big that there's no point in trying to guess where she would be if you use some kind of measurement.

She was like a star in the sky: You know that they are far, but you aren't able to know how much, and even if you try to reach the stars, you’ll just die in the process, and what's worse, the star won't even know you tried to reach it.

While the Demon Lord was imerse on her thoughts, the Hero’s party started talking (all but the Thief).

“What's wrong, Witch?”

“S-She… She is a monster…”

“O-Of course she is, that's why we came here, right?”

“You… You don't get it, Elf…”

“I've never seen Witch like this before... It's really that bad? What's the plan?”

“Beg… Beg for our lives... Warrior… Warrior is dead… There's no salvation for him…”

“She can't be serious. Come on, Hero, say something to her!”

“Hahaha! Don't joke like that, I know you don't like Warrior, but we cant leave anyone behind!”

The Hero took a combat stance, grabbing his holy sword with both of his hands and looking at us with shining eyes. The Elven archer readied his bow with three arrows at the same time and another three on her hand ready for a fast shot after the first one. The Thief was still in the same place, but I could see the tip of sharp metal peeking out from the sleeves of her robe.

On the other hand… The Witch was frozen. Her face showed ultimate fear, she didn't want to die, less if the battle was lost before it started. She can only see her and her party as livestock walking to the slaughter house.

“Hey heroes, I don't want to fight. I’m on holiday after all, so can you just let us continue our date? In exchange, I'll let you live, all of you. Whakaka~”

The Witch let out a sigh of relief at the same time her legs lost all their strength and bent, making her fall on her knees. The warrior also fell to the ground as the spell of my Lady was released, making him able to move again.

She grabbed my hand and started walking to the heroes in order to continue with our peaceful walk tonight the streets of Whitestone.

But fate is a bitch, and we all know that if something could go wrong, it'll be wrong. That being said, right when we were about to pass the party, the Hero’s voice broke the heavy silence of the night. as he charged at us with his holy sword.

“Don't fool with us, Demon!”


“You, fool…”

With those words, the battle finished before it even started, a meaningless battle that should have never been started in the first place. The night turned silent again.


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