“Hey, hey! Let 's eat those, they look really great and cute!”

The Demon Lord itself rushed towards the pastry. Normally people would be scared by that and the city would burst into chaos, but they seemed to look at her just like any other over enthusiastic girl.

We ordered two strawberry parfaits and sat on one of the tables located near the pastry.

“Mhmmm~ What's this? This is amazing!”

“Yeah… This was Phlum’s favorite sweet you know?”
I said that really low, but the smile on her face disappeared anyway, even though it was really hard to hear because of the sudden rain that started falling when I said those words and the people’s screams that it caused.

The table had something like an umbrella in the center, so we were somehow protected from getting wet, but the rain was falling loud and clear. A fake smile appeared on the Demon Lord’s face to disguise her broken expresion.

“W-What did you just say? I couldnt hear you because of the rain. Whakaka~”

“Y-Yeah, quite a mysterious rain, don't you think?”

“Well, the weather is tricky in this part of the country, people is adquantited to that.”

People were screaming and running around us, some of them even seemed to believe that the end of the World had come. They aren't adquantited to anything like this, no one would even in a magical world like this one.

“Do you really think so?”
“Whakaka~ Of course, those must be some tourists.”

She continued eating her dessert with a fake smile and overreacted gestures.

“Mhmm~ This is really great!”

“Yeah, as I was saying…”

I couldn't complete that sentence because the girl in front of me slammed her fist to the table. At the same time, thunder growled and lightning made the sky shine. She is mad, she is really mad...

“Huh? Don't you really want to say that?”

“W-What do you mean!? Why are you so angry?”

She slammed the table with both of her hands this time and stood up. Her eyes were shining and her face showed a mixture of sadness, anger and loneliness. She started shouting at me while the climate turned even more chaotic, at this point, there was no one around us, and even if there was, it would be impossible to hear us between the noise of the rain and thunder.

“How could I not?! This was our date, time for us, to get to know each other, to relax, to be happy… But even so…!”

She was about to cry. Was it really that bad? Yeah, of course it was. Even if she was my friend, she knew her for even longer, so of course she is more hurt than anyone.

“I’m… I'm really sorry…”

I walked toward the Demon Lord and hugged her, the weather started to calm. Her body was tense, shaking. I still can't fully understand this situation, but it's clear that I had to do something for her. Yet, her next words made me even more confused.

“You know… You shouldn be thinking about other girls when you are with me…”

“W-What? That was the thing that made you angry?”

“Of course! This is our date…”

I was left with no words for what she said. I thought she was angry because I was talking about her friend, but she would be equally upset if I’ve been talking about any other girl… This girl is just crazy, but… I guess you don't turn into the Demon Lord being sane.

The weather turned to normal again, so we started walking through the desert city. I don't know what to say, she is crazy, really crazy, but I can't say anything, right? Even so, she is wearing a big smile on her face, so she is crearly happy about this walk.

“You are quite a problem, you know?”

Whoops, I just let slip my thoughts through my mouth. She is definitely going to kill me.

“Whakaka~ Don't say something like that!...”

She laughed, she laughed hard and loud.But no, she is angry, I know that. She pushed me against the wall with the classic <kabedon> pose.

“Yeah, don't say that again, never again, you get it?”

She was staring right into my eyes with a cold gaze. She was serious about this.


“And about Phlum… Don’t bring that topic again either, alright?”


I couldn't answer her. She was my friend, she was her friend, she was the friend of everyone in the castle, how could I not talk about her? How could I not ask her what happened that night?

“Do you understand?!”

She pushed me against the wall even more and put her body really close to mine. Her forehead was against mine and her breasts were touching my body too. But her gaze was cold and her expresion serious, so I can't joke around this and just kiss her… Can I?

“Huh? Are you defying me or something?!”

“N-No, no. Of course I would never do that! I was just thinking that my Lady’s smell is great…”

I said looking away. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't what I was thinking either.

“H-Huh? O-Only that…?”

She said while getting closer to me. She is trying to play the upper hand here, but her voice is trembling and her body is shaking. She is clearly nervous because I can see her face blushing.

“N-No… I mean, your red lips and soft skin is really tempting, y-you know?”

“Really? What else?”

I could feel her heavy breathing on my neck, like if she was about to bite me but I was so afraid to look at her red face.

“Your thighs! Your thighs and breasts are perfect! Worthy of the Demon Lord herself.”

“You really think high of me, don't you? And still haven't made any move…”

“S-Should I?”

“Should you~?”

I could feel her fangs against my neck, she wasn't biting me, but she was ready for it. It felt like some kind of kinky foreplay.

“C-Can I?”

“Can you~?”

We stood silent for a few seconds, now I was the one blushing and shaken, and who wouldn't? She is the Demon Lord, the most gorgeous of the gorgeous, the perfect girl. She is crazy, I agree with that, but she is the sexyest girl in this world.

Just when I was about to do something stupid, she took an step back and wink at me making a peace sign with one of her hands.

“Whakaka~ Not yet!”

She started walking through the street and I followed her. I could see a tear rolling on her cheek while she was muttering some words.

“Just don't mention her anymore…”


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