Okay, I know what I said, but how do you exactly go on a date with the Demon Lord herself? I mean, my only date, counting this life and the previous one, was the one that I had with Phlum, and she ended up causing a mess in the city. I can't imagine what will happen if I go with my Lady there.

Besides, is there something she hasn't done? something she hasn't eaten? Somewhere she hasn't been? But she agreed, there must be something I can do for her, something she needs… I know!

“So, where are we going d-dear?”

Her trembling voice matched with her blushed face. We were outside of the castle, ready to go, but with no place in mind.

“I was thinking… My Lady is always busy, so maybe we should go to a quiet place so you could rest.”

That's true, she is always full of things to doy, going everywhere without taking a rest, so maybe we should take this opportunity to go and rest somewhere. But if you ask me, I don't want to go with her into a crowded place, that could turn into a mess.

“Mhmm… Okay, let's go somewhere peaceful.”

She looked really disappointed with my proposal. I’m sorry my Lady, but we should stay away from troubles for a while.

Having decided the kind of place we are going, now the problem is where exactly is that kind of place. Luckily, my Lady has been in this world longer than I have, so she knows a lot of places.

“Let's go then. I'll take us somewhere nice.”

She made a gesture with her hand and a veil of darkness started surrounding us, it was so dark that it blocked even the sunlight. Now that I think about it, what kind of place is a <nice place> for a demon?

I didn't have much time to worry about that because as soon as the darkness had completely surrounded us, it started melting away.

I could see the blue sky, clouds and the sunlight. I let out a sigh because it looked like a normal place after all. But I was wrong.

We were in the middle of a huge valley. Far away to the north you could see a mountain chain covered in snow. Surrounding us, in the valley, were all kinds of flowers. giving you a warm sensation deep in your heart and filling the air with a sweet scent.

Time to time, there was a soft breeze carrying petals in the air. The view of the silver hair and the perfect figure of the Demon Lord, surrounded with petals of different colors and shapes and contrasting with the cold snow mountains at her back was so marvelous that I’ll never forget it, no matter what happens.

The Demon Lord started stretching herself, moving her arms and legs.

“Whaa~ This place still so nice after so many years.”
Right after saying that, she let herself fall backwards, throwing a lot of petals in the air when she reached the flowers, another beautiful moment.

“Come on, sit next to me. This is a date, right?”


I was astonished. She is the Demon Lord, but right now, she is being so cute, and looks so beautiful that I can't do anything more than praising her. I sat next to her, and then, the unthinkable happened.

The Demon Lord laid on her side, moved her body, and ended up resting her head on my lap. Her eyes were closed and she had a big smile drawn on her face. She looked really happy, like a tired child after a full day of play. I was so stunned to do or say anything, so I just stayed there, quiet, watching her.

I could feel her breathing slowing down, she was falling asleep. Honestly, I can't believe that this peaceful looking girl is the Demon Lord. The one that commands armies, the one who rules over Humans and Demons, the one that almost killed me with one of her kicks, the one that summoned me to this world.

I kept on looking at her for a while until I finally surrendered to the temptation and started patting her head.




She made a sound right when I started, so I got scared. But she seems to be sleeping, so maybe it was a reflex? or maybe she is one of those sleep talkers?

I kept on patting her head. Her hair is really soft, more than it looks, it feels like silk and it's really light and thin. I touched her cheek for an accident and I got another of her <Mhm…> reacts, but nothing more. So I started caressing her face and neck along with her hair, if she wakes up… Let's hope she keeps sleeping for a little bit more.


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