“O-Okay just dont… Dont kill me please!”

“Huh? Did you say something?”

Fynx was really pissed out, her eyes were sparkling and her voice turned into a deep dark one. The Lord was trembling while hugging her carcened arm, you could almost feel pity for him… No, that's not true.

Everyone stood silent. The Lord did not move, but Fynx didn't want to repeat herself. Few seconds passed but nothing changed, finally the Lord asked his obvious question.

“W-Why is this item that important?”
Fynx let out a big sigh, and then answered while the Lord opened the drawer of the desk and took out a strange cube. It was similar to a Rubik, but it was completely purple and there were some pieces missing.

“It's a fake, you know? There's no easy way to bring people back to life. Even more, if the item gets activated it would cause a catastrophe. So hand it to us, and we'll fix your arm…”

“That means… That means that if I activate the item it's my win, right?”

We were shocked, his words made no sense, I mean, there are still two days left, right? Unless…

“Unless we were sleeping for two days straight…”

The room went silent, we were thinking about the remote possibility that we were indeed sleeping for two days. No, it's impossible, Fynx is a high demon after all. But what if… We can not risk it.

“Y-Yeah! So steep back or I’ll activate this! S-Surrender now!”

He is faking, he has to be faking. His hand was trembling and he was really pale and sweating. It's clearly a fake, we couldn't have been sleeping for two days straight, that made no sense. Fynx walked forward to the Lord, but he started rotating the item with his only hand, it looked really difficult with only one hand. Fynx stopped.

“Y-Yeah, w-wise choice. S-Surrender, now!”

The Lord was really anxious but we have no clue about how much time we were out of the escene, this is going nowhere.

“I’m tired, can't we just go home?”




There were different responses about what Kirwha said, but she is right, we should just go ahead, we have the upper hand after all. Before the Lord could do anything more, she rushed to him and took him out with her special move, and grabbed the item midair before it hit the ground.

“Good work, child. Fufu~”

“I'm not a child, I'm 16.”

“Yeah, whatever. Let 's go back.”

We left a high potion on the desk right in front of the Lord, maybe he will wake up in time to fix his arm. After discussing it for a while, we decided to leave the mansion through the window. Who cares if we break the place a little more?

When we left the garden, we saw the army running across the streets.

“Oh, really? It seems that these guys never end, huh? Fufu~”

“I’m so tired, carry me please~”

With those words Kirwha leaned on my back and closed her eyes. Her body was warm, I could even feel her chest on my back, it was really soft (sadly, it was small).

“Oh, so you are lucky today, huh? You even saw a nice scene early on the cell, right? Fufu~”

“D-Don't say it like that…”

I was blushing. I didn't saw them because I wanted to. Of course, if I could, I’ll look at them again, but I’m not telling her that… Sadly, somehow, she always…”

“Huh? So you really liked it. Fufu~”

He hid in some bushes nearby while the soldiers were patrolling the streets around the place. Kirwha fell asleep, I could feel her warm breathing in my nape. She was really worn out after all the work she did.

But she was not the only one, because the next thing that I remember is the light of the rising sun right into my eyes, even Fynx fell asleep. Luckily, we weren't found by the soldiers. Honestly, I think they don't even try to do their work right, but that always works in our favor, so I won't complain.

The journey back to the castle had no casualties, we finally had some peace. But we had this weird feeling deep inside us.

As soon as we arrived at the castle, we went to the throne room to report our return and hand the item to our Lady. She was really surprised when she saw us enter the room, she looked a little worried.

“So you're finally back, huh? Were you having fun or something? You really take your time.”

“Huh? What do you mean my Lady? We came back as soon as we could.”

“But it took you four hole days, what were you doing?”

We froze at her words. If this is the fourth day, that means that the night we fight in the Lord’s office, was indeed the night that the item could have been activated… If that's true, that means that we…

“We slept for two whole days…”

“Huh? What did you say, Fynx?”

“Whops. Fufu~”

The Demon Lord looked angry, and with reasons, we were sleeping instead of doing our work. I wish I could say it wasn't our fault, but the trap was so obvious that falling on it was indeed our fault.

“You three… You are going to clean this whole place for one week! Now go away and start cleaning!”

“Yes, Madam!”



“Do you want to say something, dear servant?”

My Lady asked me when she saw me there, silent. Of course I wanted to say something, but Fynx was looking at me with sparkling eyes. She knows what I want to say, but she won't let me say it. Sadly, the Demon Lord wants me to say something now, so I’m in trouble.

“I was thinking… That my Lady looked really beautiful today…”

“Huh? D-Do… Do you really think that?”

“Yeah, of course, you look great. You should go out, it's a waste to stay inside looking like that.”

“A-Are you asking me for a date?!”


“Whaa! Butler-san!”

“Y-Yeah, why not?”

This was turned into an even more complicated situation. She really looks beautiful, she always does, but going on a date with the Demon Lord is something…

“O-Okay, let's go then…”



“Butler-san, what did you…!”

It seems like I’m going on a date with the Demon Lord...


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