“Hey Fynx, doesn't it matter if I…?”

“Go on, I want to see what you are capable of. Fufu~”

With those words, Kirwha stepped ahead. She put both of her hands together, closed her eyes and started a chant.

“Oh, souls of the olds,

Souls of the young,

Souls of the damned…”

The air around her body started flowing into spirals. Some sparks started flowing from her hands and closed eyes, and looked like parts of her hair started to burn. No, that's not it, there is fire on her hair, but it's not burning it, the fire is caressing her..

“...Give me your power,

Give me the strength

To achieve revenge

With my own hands.”

With those words, a wave of heat left from Kirwha’s body. The fire seemed to calm down, but her eyes had turned into a shining red and were sparking. Her expression was calm, really calm, not like the fake calm that she tries to mimic everyday but like the calm of the sky after a storm.

"Oh! It's not perfect yet but you should be able to easily beat them. Fufu~"

Fynx’s face was scary. Her eyes were sparkling full of joy and a big wicked smile was drawn on her face. She looked like a kid watching her favorite candy, but no, it was more than that, it was the face of a demon looking at her new rival. She tasted her lips with her eyes fixed on Kirwha.

The soldiers rushed towards Kirwha and thrusted their swords and pikes into her body. An expression of pain was drawn into Kirwha’s face, but that was all. Anyone would have just died after being impaled by so many weapons, but she was only feeling pain. But she was feeling pain, so that means that she still can be defeated.

The soldiers stepped back, maybe for the heat that was emanating from Kirwha’s body, or for the fact that she wasn't dead or maybe they were just scared, that doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that the swords were twisted, as if the metal inside her body was starting to burn, even more, some of the pikes' sticks caught fire and broke turning into carbon and ashes. When the weapons left her body, the wounds closed with a trail of fire, there was not blood on them.

It was time for a counter attack, so Kirwha rushed to the farthest enemies and knocked them out with her special move, but it was different. First, her speed has greatly increased, it almost looked like the special teleportation of Fynx, but it was movement, the trail of fire and ashes made it clear. Second, she didn't hit the soldiers, it was more like if a mixed wave of high pressure and heat was released from her fist, making some sparks when it clashed to the helmet of the soldiers.

The mages and sorcerers tried to cast water elemental magic to counter the obvious current affinity of Kirwha with fire. But their spells didn't reach her, even more, they drew her attention and turned into her next target.

“Just how did she…”
“How did she turn that strong in such a short time? Fufu~ Of course it's because she has a good teacher.”

No, it can't be. She was a human, a normal human, even if humans have a high amount of mana, they still need to learn how to control it and it takes time. Even if she was some kind of genius it's impossible to gain that power in such a short time. I can believe that she has natural talent and trained her body and stuff, but this is far beyond just physical abilities.

“So you really want to know? The truth can be hard sometimes, Butler-san.”

“Tell me, I need to become strong too, you know?.”

“That might be right, but her way of becoming strong came with a price, and it wont work on you.”

“A price?”

“Yeah, something like… How much was it? Oh yeah, around 1000 human’s lives. Fufu~”

My body trembled when I heard those words, I could feel shivers down my spine. That's a big number, 1000 human’s lives, where did I hear that before? Oh right, that's the…

When I was about to tell myself the answers, Fynx cut my thoughts and continued her explanation.

“That's right, that was the amount of population of Kirwha’s town. Of course she didn't sacrifice them. But she lived, for no reason, just mere luck, she's still alive while the others are dead. What a tragic fate, don't you think?”

While we were talking, Kirwha was knocking the soldiers one by one. The Lord was hidden behind the desk of the room, it was over for him. Even if he doesn't got himself killed by his stupid actions, there were some clearly expensibe objets, documents and books in this room that right now are nothing but ashes.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The kid was cursed by the souls of the dead. They tried to curse you, for working for the Demon Lord, of course, that didn't work. Why? Just for being under her orders we get some kind of protection, so mere human’s will won't curse you, but it could curse a child.”

“B-But that just…!”

“Yeah, it's really cruel, so she made a deal with the souls. Fufu~”

“What kind of deal?”

“In order to let her live, she promised to the souls that cursed her, that she would train, so someday be able to take out the Demon Lord with her own hands, she is a really brave kid, don't you think?”

All enemies were defeated. The dim moonlight showered Kirwha and the room, for such a young child to have a fate like that… This world can be really cruel sometimes.

She had a neutral expression, her wounds were healing with trails of fire, until finally she returned to her normal status. She looked really lonely.

While I was looking at her, I remembered Phlum, how she looked, how she was, and the fact that she is not by our side anymore. It's a strange feeling, like loneliness but I can't put it into words.

“No one is gonna die this time, Butler-san.”

Said Fynx while patting my shoulder. She walked to the desk and put her foot on the top, she was really angry and serious.

“Okay fatty, no more tricks. Hand us the item, now!”


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