A sharp scream filled the room, it was so loud and pierce that you could feel it reaching to your bones. The Lord was on the floor, holding what's left of his arm. He was twisting his body, splattering blood into his clothes and in the walls.

The guards took their weapons, but it was too late. Kirwha jumped to them and knocked out two with her special technique <<Fist right into the temple>>. Even if they were wearing those full plate armors, Kirwha was strong enough to leave them out of combat. She wasn't unharmed though, her fists were red, she had just hit steel with her full (?) strength after all. She can be a monster, but as far as I know, she is still human.



The two soldiers that were still on their feets were shocked, a child had just easily taken out of combat their companions. But they couldn't do anything because before they were back to their senses, Fynx rushed to them and knocked them out with a palm strike right on their chins.

It was a really fast strike. Now that I think about it, not long ago I wasn't able to see her doing something like that. Maybe the training is working? But I've only trained my reflexes, I still can't free myself of these chains without help.

The Lord was still awake, sobbing and murmuring on the ground, he looked a little bit pale, maybe due to the loss of blood. Fynx walked towards him and put him on his back with her foot. His face was a mess, he was scared, full of tears and mucus. A really repulsive view.

“Now, now, calm down, you pig. I've warned you, so stop crying, unless you want to lose another limb. Fufu~”

“Y-You bitch! You all will pay for this!”

The sadistic smirk drawn on Fynx’s face didn't change at the Lord threat besides it turned even bigger. The lord trembled on the floor when he saw that fateful expresion. He was so scared that it was weird that he did not peed himself, maybe he already did that when he lost his arm.

“Huh? It seems like you still don't know your place, you pig. Look, the cut was clean, so if you hurry up and help us, you could fix that arm. But I’m not going to be that careful with your next limb, so you better behave. Are you alright with that, Kid?”

Fynx asked the last part to Kirwha, maybe she was worried because Kirwha used to be on the other side of this fight, now she is with the Demons, even after what happened to her village and dear ones. Kirwha noded, showing that it's alright with that, after all no one has died yet, even the soldiers are fine.

I can somehow guess how Kirwha feels, I lost someone that night too. I don't want to think so much about it, but sometimes the place feels really empty since Phlum disappeared. I know she didn't run away, she isn't that kind of demon, so the most possible outcome is that she was punished by the Demon Lord for acting on her own. And since no one has seen her since that day… I don't want to say those words, no one wants, nor even our Lady, she just said that Phlum is sleeping, but we all know something, that's not the whole truth.

“Don't worry Butler-san, we are not going to die.”

Fynx grabbed the fat Lord from the collar of his clothes and put him on his feets, then she went to the wall and picked up the Lord’s arm and threw it to his owner.

“Now, give us the magic item, you are short of time, so you better do it faster Lord Meatball.”

“I-It’s Lord…!”

He was about to retort to Fynx’s words but he was cut in the middle of his words.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

Fynx asked him while showing his claws right on his face. There's no human that would retort to a demon like her, not with those eyes, that devil smirk, and of course, not after losing one limb.

“N-Nothing. The item is in my office, follow me.”

“Yay! We did it, Butler-san, Kid. Fufu~”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 16, you know?”

Huh? Were not Kirwha words just a little different from normal? Maybe she is tired of playing the cold girl.

“I think the same, Butler-san. Let’s go to Lord Reallyfat’s office! Fufu~”


“You know, Fynx, that wasn't even close…”

The fat and old man was really angry, but he didn't say a word. He started leading us across stairs, rooms and corridors. They were all fancy places, full of ornaments and decours, but there was no one around to be seen.

“Are you leading us into another trap? Are you stupid or something? I told you that if you give us the magic item, we will give you a strong red potion so you could fix that arm of yours…”

She is right, the place could be big, but it's really weird that there's no one around. It's also true that we are carrying a pair of strong potions just in case, I don't know if they could just paste a severed arm to the body. I’ve been healed by slime’s magic before, so I think it's possible for the potion to do something like that.

“D-Don't worry, i-it’s not a trap…”

“Really? You better not lie to us, you know?”

“This is clearly a trap...”

“He is leading us to a trap.”

Both Kirwha and I agreed that this is going to be a trap, but could he really be that stupid? Maybe he is really angry and doesn't care if he loses his arm forever as long as he could kill us.

While I was thinking about the reasons behind him leading us into another trap, we arrived at a big door, full of ornaments. The work on the wood was marvelous, it was handmade, and clearly took several hours to get it done.

“H-Here we are, the item is inside…”

Fynx let out a big sigh.

“You know…”

The Lord opened the door with his shoulder and rushed in (the hand that he had left was holding his severed arm). The room was infested with soldiers and mages, around 30 in total and everyone had his weapon and spells ready.

“Capture them, defile them, kill them and defile them again! I don't care about the order you do it, just do it! They have powerful potions too, the one who gives them to me would get an extra pay!”

“Yes sir!”


The soldiers agreed with the Lord’s order and shouted a war cry. The sword wielders started rushing to us. Kirwha and Fynx let out a really long sigh, they were exhausted.

“This is really stupid, you know?”

“Indeed, it is.”


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