“Huh? It seems that we caught some rats that were sneaking into the house. Ohoho~”

The one that said those words was an old fat man, he clearly hasn't seen his own feets since years ago. He was wearing fancy clothes, some chains of gold around his neck and a ring made of gold and jewels in each one of his fingers. Besides him, there were four soldiers, two at each of his sides, but a little bit behind him. Each soldier was wearing a chinning full plate armor, two of them were carrying poleaxes and the other two were swords users. That's the power of an aristocraft for you, right in front of us was Lord Boldpal.

“Who are you, rat? Answer my question right now. No, I don't care about that. But maybe we could enjoy those two girls before killing them. Ohoho~”

Lord Asshole laughed and so did the soldiers. I looked around searching for Fynx and Kirwha. My head was spinning and I was chained to the wall, so it was hard to move, even more taking into account that I had just woken up after suddenly fainting due to magic or poison.

I finally found them and it was a shocking view. Both of them were chained on the wall too. Kirwha had her arms over her head and her legs were bent. Her clothes were a little bit disarranged, maybe due to the transport process so it looked a little bit hot, maybe if she wasn't a child... Our eyes met and I felt embarrassed by thinking about those things while looking at her eyes. She seemed to guess what I was thinking because I could see her mouth moving <<I’m not a child, I’m 16>> But she didn't say a thing.

About Fynx… That's a whole different story. First of all, she was back into her full human form, her top clothes were still on my bag, so her breasts were in plain sight. She hasnt big breast, they are quite small, even smaller that Korwha’s, but they looked so round, firm and nice that you could say without doubt that those were the breast of a sportish woman. She was only wearing her shorts and her hands were chained at her back while sitting on the ground. All of that, combined with her fierce expression and flaring eyes made her look really hot. She can perfectly be the hottest girl around, I’m sorry Korwha, but that's the truth.

“Huh? What a nice expression you have there, kid.”

“You can look at me all you want, but don't dare to touch me or you’ll lose your arm. Fufu~”

Fynx was looking right into Lord Whatever’s eyes, maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear that I saw spark between them, like if they were ready to fight. Normally you would expect Fynx to lose, she is chained after all. But I know how powerful she is, so maybe Lord Fatass could indeed lose his arm.

The fat man walked towards Fynx and put one of his knees on the ground, so they could be at the same level.

“You know who you are talking with, filthy rat?”

“Of course, you are Lord Horncat or something, give us the magic item. Fufu~”

The oldman’s face turned red, he was really angry. A commoner had just mispronounced his name, so he raised his hand and slapped Fynx’s face.The hit was so loud that it retumbed in every wall of the prison cell we were in. Fynx’s cheek was red.

“It's Lord Ordswall, you scum. You’ll better remember it, cause you’ll be my toy from here on.”

“Oh? So you really want to lose your arm, Lord Oldfag? I’ve warned you, now think a little bit about what you are doing next. Fufu~”

There was an evil smirk drawn into Fynx’s face. I have seen that before, that's the face she had when she was sticking me over and over again. It's her sadistic face, her eyes are glowing like torches and her smile is almost from ear to ear like the one of the Cheshire's cat. This Lord is going to lose more than his arm if he touches her again.

“You soldiers can have that kid over there, this scumbag is mine!”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 16.”

“W-what? These rats are just crazy. Don’t go easy on here, she is not a kid after all. Ohoho~”

The old man went mad at the constant retorts of our party, so he just gave the worst kind of order posible. They were all scum, he and his soldiers. Seeing that, Fynx’s smile turned even bigger, if possible, it was a demon looking at her prey.

Lord Scumbag started to have difficulty handling his fancy belt with one of his hands while the other was going to Fynx’s cheek. When he finally touched her cheek, it was as if time stopped. The soldiers were still away from Kirwha. She was looking at them with a cold expresion, after all, she knows first hand what's going to happen next.

“I’m sorry, Kirwha-san.”

“Don't worry, Fynx-sensei.”

It was for a brief second, but that exchange of words was really meaningful for them. Fynx didn't want Kirwha to watch this scene and neither did I. I think everyone feels the same, our Lady included.

As soon as the exchange finished, before the blink of an eye, Fynx freed one of her arms and sent against the wall the one that until just now had been attached to the Lord’s body for years. The cut was so clean that it took several seconds for the guards and Lord to notice what had just happened.

The claws on Fynx’s hand had blood on them that was dripping to the cell’s floor. She slowly turned into her full-hybrid form. She easily freed her other arm and stood right in front of the scared Lord, now laying on his back on the floor. Kirwha also freed herself (with some problems in the process) and stood beside Fynx.

“Now, now, what are we going to do with you, guys? I told you that you were going to lose your arm if you touched me again. Fufu~”

That smile again, that terrifying smile… These guys are screwed.


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