We began to walk the corridor where we were. There were no doors to any room, so we kept on walking straight for a while. There was a strange aura, a weird feeling about everything. The place was really quiet and the patron of the wallpaper, the constant furniture and vases along with the fact that there were no doors… It was like a big dejavu. Finally, someone decided to talk.

“What a strange place, huh? Fufu~”

It was indeed, but no one of us dared to say it. You could see that Kirwha was on guard, but Fynx on the other side was really relaxed, like nothing it's going to happen, no matter how much we walked.

“A weird place, indeed. A very sophisticated trap.”

“Oh! So you noticed, Child, what about you, Butler-san?”

“I'm not a child, I’m 16.”

“Noticed? What should I have noticed?”

I started looking around, in front of us and behind, the wallpaper, the furniture, the windows. That was it, it was all the same! Now that I look outside I can clearly see the place from where we jump, even if we have been walking for more than 10 minutes! The furniture and everything looked the same, because they were indeed the same stuff. There was something even more disturbing: All windows were closed.

“That right Butler-san, Bravo! Fufu~”

Kirwha looked confused at Fynx words, I haven't said anything after all. Was my expression that obvious? No, I know deep inside that there is something more than that, something terrifying behind her words, she can…

“Okay, Let's go! Fufu~”

With those words Fynx cut my train of thought. What is she planning? I can somehow imagine her plan.

“Since going straight is taking us nowhere, we are going through these walls! I'm a genius, right? Fufu~”

“Sounds right, we can't go on like this.”


This time Kirwha was the one who responded at Fynx’s idea and I was the one who stood silence. There was no way that I could agree with that plan! But I don't have a better idea to offer them. Are we trapped? Yes. Are we in a hurry? Yes. Are we strong? Yes. There was no way I could reject her idea, even if it's the worst plan that we could come up with. We'll draw everyone’s attention if we go around the place breaking every wall. What's worse about it, is that we still don't know where exactly the magic item is.

“Don't think so much about this, Butler-san! We’ll strike our problems away. Hiyaaa!”

With those words Fynx broke the wall of Lord Oldman’s house. The wall crumbled and opened a path to another room. But there was more than dust and rubble in the air, there was mana on it, like if she had broken a magical barrier along with the house’s wall.

The next room had a big wooden table in the center. Arround, there were twelve chairs, five on every side and one in each of the head spots. Over the table, there was a lot of delicious-looking fancy food. The food was still warm and the aroma filled the whole room. Everyone's belly growled, mine included.

Fynx rushed towards the food without any second thought. It was clearly another trap, even a kid could know that, even more, if there was a kid in this room (besides Kirwha), the kid wouldn't fall in such an obvious trap. But Fynx is an airhead, she rushed towards the food and stopped right in front of a plate with a beef as big as her head.

“This is clearly a trap, you know, Child, Butler-san? So you better grab something before something happens, because I'm eating this beef with or without you guys. Fufu~”

She was drooling while saying that. Kirwha walked towards the table with caution and grabbed an apple.

“Oh come on! There's beef right there, beef! It'll help you grow!”


Kirwha was still on guard, but Fynx was ready to eat. I let out a big sigh, this is really stupid. Who falls into a trap on purpose? I walked towards the table to choose my food. But I don't have much time for that, Fynx’s saliva is falling in the beef’s plate, so she won’t hold on any longer. I grabbed a turkey leg

“You know, Fynx? I’ll blame you for whatever happens next…”

“Yeah, yeah. Let 's eat!”

We bit our food at the same time. It was really delicious, the essence, the texture, the temperature, everything was so nice. You could see a pleased expression on Kirwha’s and Fynx’s faces, it seems that their food was perfect too. It was clearly the food of one of the most powerful aristocrats of this city, there was nothing bad on it, but...

When we were about to reach a second piece of food, it happened, the thing that everyone was waiting to happen, finally happened. It was a trap after all, if only there had been a way around it. But that's asking so much, these girls are powerful, but they are just a pair of airheads.

Kirwha and I fell on our knees. Poison or Sleep magic, What is this? Fynx was still on her feet, she was trembling and her eyes… Her eyes were still fixed on the food! She doesn't care about us, she is trying to reach another piece of food before falling to the ground!

Kirwha is coughing, laying on the ground. I feel my body is really cold and my vision has started to blur. But Fynx… She is still trying to reach the food! She is such an unreliable partner! She finally grabbed the meat and then fell to the ground. Now she is trying to eat another bite!

Kirwha has stopped moving, her eyes are closed and she looks really pale. My body is hard to move, it feels really heavy and cold.

Fynx finally took another bite of the food, and stayed still. Her face was the one of someone who has reached the greatest amount of pleasure on earth. You could forgive everything if she looked at you with that face. But no! This is clearly her fault, there's no other way to look at this situation!

“Damn you Fynx!...”

“It was delicious… I’d take another bite if I could...”

“You little…”


The room went silent. The three of us had fainted at the most obvious and stupid trap of the world.



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