We arrived at Riverfall. Our next step it's to gather some information, and for that, we went to the nearest cafe. The first thing we saw after we entered the place was a familiar face that led us to an empty table.

“How can I serve you, Master?”

“Did you hear that, Butler-san? She called you Master. Fufu~”

“Yeah, that's how they do things here.”

Kirwha stood silent at our exchange. The clumsy maid looked at us and seemed to recognise me.

“Oh? Do I know you sir?”

“Yeah, I came here a few days ago with another girl.”

“So you are really popular, I see. Hehe.”

“Yes, he is. Fufu~”


Both girls laughed at the maid's assumption and she got a little bit embarrassed about that. We ordered some Parfeits and she brought them to us. She stood there by our side.

“Huh? What are you looking at, girl? Fufu~”

“N-Nothing, I was just… Doesn't matter. I'll continue with my work…”

“Stop right there girl, sit with us. We need some information. Fufu~”

“Uh… Okay.”

The clumsy maid sat with us. We formally introduced ourselves and so did she. Her name was Tayaka. She lives in a town near the city and is the older sister of four sisters. During the week she stays in one of the rooms of the cafe and goes back to her hometown during the weekend.

“You see, Tayaka-san, we are looking for some information.”

“What do you guys need, Lady Fynx?”

Fynx blushed at Tayaka words. She is used to the familiar treatment, but when we talk about the formal speech, she is pretty new with that. Seeing that Fynx is unable to keep the talk going and that Kirwha isn't willing to talk, I asked Tayaka for the information we need.

“We are looking for this dude house, Lord Worstball or something”

“Lord Ordswall you mean? I know where he lives, I can draw you a map if you want, why do you guys need him? He is known as someone hard to talk with.”

“Don't worry about the details T-Takaya-san, we just need some directions, that's all.”

Fynx cut into the talk. That's right, the less she knows, the safer she is. We do not want to cause problems to other people, she is a good girl after all. She had people to care about, and a home to return to, so we better don't get her into trouble.

After we ate our Parfeits, we went around the city waiting for the dawn to come. We looked around the stalls. Books, clothes, food, ornaments, a lot of stuff caught Kirwha’s attention. She had never been to Riverfall before, so there's a lot of new things here for a town girl.

Kirwha looked a little bit happy, but constantly tried to hide her emotions. It's hard to know what she is thinking, but I’m glad she is having fun too. Fynx is also having fun, making Kirwha wear different kinds of clothes and accessories. Of course she didn't try anything, she is not wearing them on her hybrid form after all.

We ended up buying a scarf along with some ribbons and hairpins for Kirwha. She didn't want them, but they looked good on her, so we couldn't help but buy them.

Finally, the dawn came. There were less people on the street so we quietly walked towards Lord Oddball’s house.

The place was a big house with a great garden surrounding it. At the front door, there were some soldiers mounting guard. The windows of the second floor were open, but the fence surrounding the place was high, so it would be hard for normal people to climb it. Thankfully, I’m not with normal people, so reaching that window would be nothing more than a walk in the park for them.

“What do we do? Go straight ahead or watch the place for some time to see if something happens?”

“I don’t care.”

It's weird to say that both ideas were good, but that's the truth. We could watch the place for a while to get more information about the people on it. But we are short of time, so going in and trying to steal the magical item could be the right choice too. Of course Kirwha didn't care about what we did, so I was the one making the choice.

“We should go right in, but not yet, let's wait until it gets dark. We need to leave the place after we steal the item, so it would be easier to sneak away if it's darker.”

“That's right, we can't just kill everyone. Fufu~”


There you go, again with the <<Lets kill everyone>> idea. I wonder what Kirwha feels about that, I guess she didn't like it, but she tries not to react to Fynx's words. Maybe she is trying to make her react? These girls are really complicated…

Night came. It was time for us to assault the place. During our watch not much happened, just some aristocrats leaving the place in their fancy carriages and the guards in charge of watching the gates changed. We still don't know how many people are inside, nor where the item is, but we won't get that information even if we watch the place for a whole week.

“Let's go then, Child, Butler-san?”

“I'm not a child, I’m 16.”

“You finally talked, you shouldn't try to play the cold character around me, you know?. Fufu~”


Well, they are not fighting, but their relationship is far from being normal, maybe I can call them rivals? I still need to figure it out, I only know that Fynx loves to mess with people.

“Can you take us there, Fynx?”

“Of course I can do that, but I think Kirwha can go there for herself, right kid?”

“Yes, I can. And I'm not a kid, I'm 16.”

With that said, Fynx turned into her hybrid form and took off her top clothes. I stored them in my bag. She started stretching her arms and back then.

“I’m finally free, this is the best you know? You should try it too, Butler-san, Kid. Fufu~”


“Maybe another time…”

Fynx grabbed me by the waist and jumped to the open window on the second floor. Her landing was quiet, really silent for a long jump like that, you could even call it a perfect landing.

Kirwha on her side… She jumped after we arrived inside of the house. As soon as she landed, she sprained her ankle and tripped, going right into the furniture. There was a flower vase on it, and it began to fall. Fortunately, Fynx's reflexes are great and she catches the vase right before it crashes to the ground.

“Safe…You are a really clumsy child, huh? Fufu~”


There was no way to retort to that, so for this time I support Kirwha being silent. The wallpaper was really fancy and so was the furniture. The place was really quiet, and somehow it seemed bigger inside than it looked from outside.

“Quite a mysterious place, right?”

“Yeah, it's really weird. Gives you chills”

“Mysterious, indeed.”

We were inside Lord Orcballs’ house. But the adventure has just beggin.



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