Several days have passed since the Harvest Festival. Life is peaceful right now, we have food, the Dyads were rescued and no one is coming to bother us, at least for a long time, even Kirwha is doing well, maybe too well.

She is training with Fynx right now, they really get along. Somehow Kirwha can make her presence disappear, that skill nullifies Fynx’s ability to teleport behind her target, so they always end up in close quarters combat. She has nice natural reflexes too, but she lacks experience, so Fynx ends up winning every match. But I must say that both girls are terrifying.

About myself? I'm resting my back in one of the trees nearby. I've been hit too much today. It's a nice day after all, there's no clouds in the sky and the wind blowing isn't cold enough to make you want to go inside, it's just refreshing, so taking a rest with your back against a tree is mandatory.

The girls kept on fighting in the training fields. Kirwha is gracefully dodging every strike that the anxious Fynx sends towards her until… There you go again, she just tripped and fell on her butt. That's the end of today’s last match. Despite her natural skill and amazing learning speed, she is still pretty clumsy.

I stood and dusted myself off. We promised our Lady that when our practice was finished Fynx, Kirwha and myselsed were going to Riverfall.

There are rumours that some powerful aristocrat managed to put his dirty hands in some rare magic item, an item that supposedly can bring people back from the dead.

Of course there's no magic just as convenient as that, instead, if the item gets activated, it would drain the mana of all creatures around, killing everyone and turning them into undeads.

Why would anyone give something like that to someone living in one of the biggest cities of the country? Our Lady already dispatched some of her vassals to investigate the matter, but for now, we must retrieve the item before something bad happens. How much time do we have left? There's a lot of conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to activate an item so powerful. Sadly, just as if this was someone’s scheme, all of them would be fulfilled in three days.

“Shall we get going then, Fynx, Kirwha?”

“Kayy! Let’s go, Kirwha, Butler-san!”

“Let 's go.”

Both of them answered, Fynx was full of joy and enthusiasm and Kirwha was just as cold as always, she seems to only enjoy herself when she is fighting someone. We went to the carriage that other servants had already prepared for us and jumped in. Obviously, I had to drive, I was the only human after all.

I didn't know this until now, but just as Fynx can turn herself into full beast mode, she can transform herself into full human mode. Of course, there should be a reason for her to be in her hybrid form almost all the time, so I asked her.

“You see Butler-san, the hybrid mode is more agile and stronger than the normal mode, also, I don't like to wear clothes and in that form I just need to wear shorts. Fufu~”


She said really proud of herself while putting her closed fist on her nonexistent chest. Kirwha let out a chuckle when she saw that. Fynx’s face turned a little bit red, she doesn't like being mocked.

“Well, we are going to infiltrate this guy's house, so you should use your human form, and of course, wear some clothes.”

“I know that, I’m not dumb, you dum Butler-san”


She said while pouting. Kirwa let out another chuckle. Both of them can be really cute if they want, you just need to ignore the fact that if they wanted, they could kill you before you realise their true intentions. The journey continued until I had to suddenly stop the carriage.

“It's everything alright?”

“It wouldn't be a big problem, but there are some robbers just in front of us…”

I answered Fynx’s question, then she responded with the most brainless and obvious thing to say.

“Can’t we just kill them and continue with our journey?”

“You can’t just kill everyone that's on your way Fynx!”

“Why not? They are on my way after all”

Kirwha said nothing to our exchange. Even if she is living with us, she still doesn’t think about herself as a member of our big family. Worse than that, we killed her actual family not so much time ago, but Fynx just went and said those words without thinking.

“Hey Kirwha, what if you deal with them then? Butler-san doesn't want me to kill them and it would be nice if you test your skills against different enemies, that way you'll earn some experience.”

“Just say that you don't want to do it. Even I can tell that those losers won’t even make her sweat.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Kirwha jumped off the cart and started walking towards the robbers. She did not show any emotions, she just walked towards her enemies with a cold expresion until… She fell face down to the ground. She stood there, lying on the ground until a few seconds later she stood up, she dusted herself off and kept on walking.

The bandits laughed and mocked her, she is just a child after all. They didn't know that they were really unlucky today. I dare to say that Kirwha is on her way to be one of the strongest humans of this country, she still has a long way to go though.

Kirwha rushed to the biggest of the bandits and jumped. She was so fast and the jump was so strong that before a blink of an eye she was in the air, just a little bit behind her target. She sent a punch right to the bandit’s temple making him fall, just as a tree that has been chopped. The rest of the bandits party was shocked as to how his leader had been OHKOed by a little girl.

“I’m not a girl, I’m 16.”

She jumped to the furthest of the bandits, I could swear she didn't land before that jump, she just jumped again mid air. She repeated her technique, just a perfect, fast and strong punch right into the bandit’s temple.

One of the bandits dropped his weapon and tried to run away, but Kirwha reached him with one long jump; she had to land for this one. She missed her punch, and the bandit tried to give her a two handed blow with his sword but he had no weapon. Both of them were shocked and paralised about how they could have just died, but they are still alive just by mere luck.

Kirwha regained control of herself and punched the guy right into her stomach, sending him to the ground. She finished all the bandits the same way, one by one. The fight was over in less than three minutes. She just defeated twelve grown up adults with her bare hands, a little kid.

They weren't dead, they had just passed out. We let them right there and continued our trip to Riverfall. I somehow feel pity for them, they were really unlucky today.



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