“Aaah… Mhmm...”

“How does this feel, my Lady? Is this right?”

“Ughh… Yes, keep this going a little more… Whaaa...”

I was giving a shoulder massage to the Demon Lord, but somehow her moans made this look like something more. Something forbidden. But I don't want to stop this, I want to hear her lecherous moans a little more.

“Yessh! R-Right there… That's the spot… Mhmm...”

“Do you really like this, huh?”

“D-Don't make me say something… Something like that! Whaaa…”

Her body was trembling, her face was red and her breathing was rough. I was getting dizzy by the mix of the scent of her freshly washed hair and body, her moans and the touch of her soft skin.

“B-but I do really want to hear it, my Lady.”

“Ugh… But… It's so embarrassing…”

“Please, just this time.”

“Whaa… I-I really like this… Mhmm…”

We kept our weird interaction for a while until finally my Lady fell asleep. It seemed like she would be asleep for some time, but if somehow she wakes up and I'm not here, I will be in trouble. With that thought in mind, I started looking at the treasures in the throne room, just to spend some time.

I found something like a chess game. When I moved one of the pieces, the other side of the board moved one of the other player’s. We kept on playing a few games, until a familiar voice talked behind me.

“Huh? So you are able to play that kind of game?”

“Well, kind of. Rules are different from what I used to know, but after a few matches I can manage somehow. Sadly, I’m still losing to the board. How was your sleep, my Lady?”

“F-fine, I think…”

The Demon Lord was blushing, her wake up face was beautiful. Well, she is always beautiful, but this was a different kind of beauty. Like looking at a gorgeous flower under a different light, it is still gorgeous, but the emotions that flow through your body by looking at that scene are not the same.

“What are we doing next? Do you want to play this? You should teach me some trick though”

I asked her while pointing at the board.

“Nor in a million years could you defeat me in that game, but it would be nice to try. But that’ll have to wait for another day, we have things to do. For now, come with me.”

She headed towards the throne room door. We started traveling around the castle, meting with different kinds of servants. We asked routinary questions, about the status of some labors, the whereabouts of some monster groups in the surroundings, information about different races, news about Phlum adventure in Riverfall. Anything that could be important at some point. It seems like being a Demon Lord comes with a lot of work.

“Whaaa… I'm so tired…”

Said the Demon Lord while leaning on the throne. Indeed, I was really tired too, I'd like to say that we met every servant at the castle, but I'm really sure that we weren't even close to do that. I poured tea into a fancy cup and gave it to the Demon Lord. I also served a drink for myself, but the cup wasnt that fancy.

“Good job today, my Lady, now I see that being a Demon Lord is really hard.”

“There's a lot of people who count with me, you know? I can't be playing around like you do.”

“What do you mean by that? I’m just doing the work you have assigned me, my Lady.”

“I don't remember ordering you to go on a date with Phlum…”

So that's how it is, she is jealous, but she is too proud to admit it. I can't say that I don't know how she feels, after all, there's a lot of work she has to do and a lot of people who count with that work done. But she wants to have fun too, to play around, enjoy the days with her dear ones, in other words, she wants to just have a normal life.

She reminds me of how I was during my previous life, just doing what needs to be done, being a mere tool for the people around you. But she has friends, people to take care of, and people who cared about her. She has a much better life than the one I had, but I want her to enjoy it even more. Maybe I can help her somehow…

“This isn't that bad, you know?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Taking a break, here in the throne room. Drinking tea with you, my Lady. Maybe I can come here more often, that way you won't feel alone. We could even play with that chess board.”

“Huh? Who do you think you are? But… Maybe I’ll call you here sometime, so don't be too busy playing around.”

She looked a little bit happy while saying that, but she's just too shy to admit it. She is the Demon Lord after all, she needs to be seen as the strongest, the coolest, the colder, the cruelest, the wisests. She is the terrible Demon Lord, the one who rules over Demons and Humans, but deep inside, she is just a lonely girl… I don't want humans to be killed, but I don't want her to be that lonely either. What a dilemma I'm in now…


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