I woke up at five for my daily stroll, of course everyone else is sleeping right now, so the castle is almost fully quiet. The only ones making some noise are the nocturnal servants on their way to sleep, the ones who don't require any sleep and the ones who are always sleeping.

There are a lot of clouds in the sky so it feels like it is gonna be a great day. Again, that's how I feel, there are others who really love the sun. I prefer the moonlight instead, it gives you that nostalgic feeling.

This place wasn't always this peaceful, after all I just took the power by force only 100,005 days ago, before that, this was all a mess. The previous Demon Lord was really strong, but neither the Demons nor the Humans respected his rule, so they ended up acting by themselves, constantly killing each other. In other words, this country was in a permanent war.

Some Demons started to organize themselves with the goal of taking out the Demon Lord, and so did the Humans. But there can't be more than one ruler in a country so the war turned even harder…

“G-Good morning my Lady! Early as always, ha-ha.”

“Oh, good morning Kaashi, any news in the forest?”

“Everything is just as usual, some goblins making weapons with fallen trees and some are even building some wooden defenses. Also, the Dragonsheeps will end their wintering soon, so maybe we should do something about that before they turn the woods into a burning hell.”

“Is it that time of the year already? Well do something about the Dragonsheeps, thank you Kaashi.”

“That's just my job, my Lady.”

After that, when the time came, the previous Demon Lord betrayed his servants and consumed them in order to become even stronger. A lot of lives were lost in that fight, strong Humans, fierce Demons and even some of my friends… When the fight was over, between the pile of dead bodies, there was I. The stronger of the left alives, so I ascended as the new Demon Lord, and ruled this country since then.

I still haven't recovered all my strength since that wild war, but three days ago, as a commemoration for my 100,000th day as Demon Lord, I decided to summon a butler. There were a lot of souls in the stock, almost 300 of them, and they were all labeled as <<tragic accident>>. Between all of them, there was one that caught my attention.

It was pure evil, I guessed it was from the one that caused the tragedy, so I decided I should be the one punishing him and turning him into a straight, emotionless butler. Sigh… But things went wrong, 300 souls was a lot to handle, and I ended with the soul of a worthless, normal human, with a name a little bit different from the one of the soul I wanted.

Of course I wasn't going to punish some random human, so I made him a nice looking boy and gave him some simple tasks. Sigh… But things went wrong, again. Somehow he has been flirting with a lot of my servants. I even heard that the Slime sisters had a fight about who was going to have fun with him first, and they had never fought before.

So today, I’m going to punish him. He is going to be with me, and only me, all day, he is my butler after all. Jealous? Of course not, but he is my butler, and he better remember that.

When I finished my stroll, I went back to the castle. After I ate breakfast and took a shower, I called for the butler to the throne room. I don't really need to take showers, but I love the feeling of hot water pouring in my skin, and that remembers me…

“Did you call for me, my Lady?”

Here it is, the worthless human, looking with perverted eyes my legs, my breast and every part of my visible skin. I felt a shiver down my spine when I started thinking about the things he might be imagining while looking at my body.

“Ehem, yes I did. For today you'll be staying here, with me. You will be serving me all day long, as the butler you are. You have been playing too much.”

“I think I get it, my Lady is jealous! Haha.”

“Don't you dare to say those words again you little filt! You'll be doing the work you're supposed to do! Everyone living in this castle should earn their lives!”

The little butler trembled when heard my sharp and angry words. Oh, did I just overdid it there? I didn't mean to say those things that way, but it is true that he must earn his life, and even more important, that I’m not jealous.

“For starters, serve me tea, and then massage my shoulders. I have just taken a shower after my daily stroll, so I deserve that much.”

“Yes madam.”

“And don't you dare to pour it on my legs again...”

“Y-Yes madam!”

I must say that the feeling of hot tea pouring in my legs isn't that bad. But from there to licking my feets is a long way, maybe if he drinks that tea after it has traveled for my legs and feet… No, I shouldn't be thinking that. I felt my body shivering again and threw those thoughts away.


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