“Here you go!”


With those words I was thrown into one of the nursery’s beds. Fynx left me right after saying that, just before the Slime girls inside could say something back at her.

“Uhwaa! Sis, sis! Come here!”

“He is really hurt, do we have some red potions left?”

“N-No… The guards took them all before going to their daily patrol…”

“That's bad, I don't want him to take your juices sis…”


The two Slime girls were talking beside me. One was Verónica, the light blue one, the other was a red Slime girl. Based on their talk, they were sisters, that's kind of weird if we take into account their completely different colors even if their body type and measurements appeared to be the same.

“No buts! I don't want my little sister to go through that…”

“B-but he is hurt! And I’m the only one who can heal him now!”

Verónica seems really perturbed by the idea of me doing that to her sister, even though she seemed to enjoy herself the last time… Well I must say that if I had a sister, I would prefer to be the one doing that instead of the one watching the escene. Maybe she is jealous?

I tried to sit on the bed but I couldn't really move my body so I ended up just hurting myself even more and making some weird noises because of the pain, I was really pitiful.

“L-look at him sis! He is suffering, I must help him, so he'll feel better!”

“Don't be deceived! He is just doing that on purpose, he just wants to do that to us.”

I could see Verónica blushing, it seems like she really enjoyed the last time. I'm not a bad person you see? I did that just because she told me that was the only way for me to get better, but I must say that if I could do it again, I'll definitely do it.
That being said, I tried to move myself again, just to get hurt. I don't like the pain, but somehow I felt like if I kept going like this, I'd end up winning this battle.

“Look! He is suffering!”

“Don't be silly, he is just tricking us!”

The red Slime girl ignored her sister’s warning and sat in the middle of the bed, grabbed my head and put it over her thighs, once she had finished, she started patting my head.

“L-Look, he is harmless. After all, he just did that to you cause you told him he could…”

“I know that! But it felt weird, like… I don't know how to put it in words, but I'm sure he is a pervert!”

“Oh come on, I'm not a pervert. Now tell me, who should I start licking first?”

Verónica looked really shocked after hearing my words, her sister on the other hand started laughing really high. Of course, it was not a joke, but I'm not telling them that.

“Y-You should start with me... Y-Your physical wounds are more serious than your soul's...”

The red Slime girl answered. Her name was Victoria, and she seemed like the kind of person who is timid but really serious when something must be done, luckily, the thing that they must do right now was me.

“I'm not letting you lick my sister! You should at least lick me first so you could fulfill your pervert cuota and leave her unharmed!”

“B-but sis! Look at his wounds, he needs to be treated as soon as possible…”
“So be it!”

Verónica jumped over me. It didn't hurt because as a Slime girl her body was really soft and slippery. She put one of her hands on my cheek and started opening my mouth, I didn't resist. When she was about to put her finger in my mouth, Victoria blocked her.

“T-That's not happening! He needs my treatment first!”

“You… You don't know what this man is capable of!”

“I-I caf dof youf botf, youf knof?”

“What did you just say?”

Both sisters asked when I said that. My mouth was open by Verónica’s hand so I couldn't speak really well, but it seems like my message had reached the sisters because they started looking at each other.

“I can do you both, you know?”



The sisters looked really embarrassed for a reason, but somehow their fight was over. Victoria laid next to me and so did her sister, then, each puted one of her hands on my face and the other near my mouth with her finger ready to be eaten.

I can barely remember what happened after that, but by their moans, shortness of breath and body trembles I can guess they were enjoying themselves, and so did I.

After the sisters’ treatment I felt really well, like never before, so I thought I must thank them, but when I woke up they were asleep by my side.

I must say that they had a great taste, like berries. It got stuck in my mouth for a few days, but it wasn't a bad thing, after all, we really enjoyed ourselves that night.


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