“Since you and Phlum met up with those Heroes yesterday, it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn how to defend yourself. So you'll be going to do some sword training with Fynx and her goblin students, that way you'll get a little bit acquainted with fighting and stuff.”

The Demon Lord looked indifferent while saying those words, maybe I should pour more tea on her legs to get more of her attention. While I was looking at her legs, I could see her body barely trembling and her face a little bit red.

“Wh-What are you still doing here? Go with Fynx, now!”

I left the Demon Lord’s room and started walking towards the training fields. Midway, I passed near the nursery, and I could swear I saw Verónica talking with some reddish Slime girl. They looked quite alike, maybe it is part of their feats as Slime girls? I kept walking towards my destination without stopping by.

When I got to the training field, I saw some goblins scream and run from an orange beast. The beast hit every one of them, and finished her work in a few seconds. It looked like she could teleport at the goblins’ backs because I couldn't see her running towards her prey, I could only see her hitting every one of the goblins.

“Oh, so you're finally here, Butler-san.”

Butler-san? The orange beast greeted me. When she saw my confused expression, she turned into a pale-ginger woman with short hair. Her hands and feets were big, and resembled the ones of a cat. Also, she had claws on them. She wore only shorts and a black kitsune mask on the side of her head. Her upper body was covered with white and orange hair, just like her hands and feets. She looked like the sport type, and finally, she was flat chested.

“Oi, the last thing was unnecessary, you know?”


“Nothing, it's nothing…”

She was pouting for some reason. Quite a mysterious girl.

“Okay, let’s begin your training Butler-san. As you may know, the first step to win a conflict is just not to get into one at all. So you’ll be training your speed, if you can avoid my stricke for at least five seconds, you'll advance to the next step, if not, well… You'll get striked, so you better avoid that.”

“Can I ask you one thing first?”
“Nope, let's begin. I'll toss this coin into the air, when it hits the ground, you'll start dodging my attacks. One last thing, if you move early, I'll strike you, so don't play the smart dude here, understand?”

“Alright, Fynx.”

Suddenly, I felt a heavy strike at my stomach. I fell on my knees, because that strike took out all the air within me. I looked up and saw Fynx standing in front of me.

“Fynx-sensei for you, understood?”

“Alright, Fynx-sensei...”

Fynx walked away, to the middle of the training fields. She tossed the coin into the air before I could finish standing up, so right after the coin hit the ground, I felt a heavy strike behind my knees that threw me again to the floor.

“Oi! That's unfair F-Fynx-sensei!”

“What are you talking about Butler-san? Problems won't wait for you to be ready, so you should be ready before the problem comes, that's basic stuff!”

“Yeah, that's right but…”

“No buts, just get on your feets and start moving!”

She said with an awful smirk on her face. It’s a little embarrassing, but I got striked at least six times before I could be standing up before she tossed the coin into the air. She is really fast.

“You are improving Butler-san. Now you should try to dodge my attacks, let's see how it goes!”

She is clearly a sadist! She was happy! I could see her smiling when saying that, and I could even swear that she savored her lips while doing so! This is bad, this is really bad!

“There you go, thinking unnecessary stuff again, just stand up so I could hit you!”

“I don't want to be hit! No, no no, I really don't want that!”

But I was hit. Over, and over, and over, and over again, so many times that I lost count of the times she stucked me, my legs, my arms, my ribs, my back, all my body was hurting…






“Again! Again!”


“Again! Again!”


“Again! Again! Again!”


“Again! Again! Againnn!!!”

She finally stopped. I could see her face red and hear her shortness of breath. I couldn't move, my body was really hurt, but somehow I knew that none of my bones were broken but even if that was the truth, I couldn't stand on my feets.

“Good job, Butler-san. I'll take you to the nursery, so hold on a little bit more. Fufu~”

She walked slowly towards me. When she finally was here, she bent and kissed one of my cheeks. I was shocked, so I didn't notice when she lifted me with one of her arms, puted me on her shoulders and started walking to the nursery.

Maybe I could get used to this… No! There's no way I'll get used to this, nor in this life, nor in the next one!

“Really? That's a shame Butler-san. Fufu~”

Huh? Just how does she...


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