The Knight grabbed his sword and rushed towards us. Phlum throw a gust of wind and dust towards him so the Knight used his robe to cover himself. Just after that, the red haired thief sneaked behind us, and threw two knives at us. Once again, Phlum casted a gust of wind to block the attack.

“Huh?... So you are a caster… I see…”

The voice saying those words was from the Witch, her talking pace was slow and relaxing. Then, she started muttering an incantation in an ancient language. When she finished, a gigantic, white magic circle appeared over us, right after that, some ice lances started falling down on us. Phlum grabbed me by my waist and jumped to the nearest ceiling to dodge the attack.

The moment we landed on the roof, five arrows were thrown at us but Phlum easyfully dodged them all. Phlum started her attack towards the Heroes. She threw a gust of wind, dust and roof tiles towards their backline. Suddenly, the Warrior cut the attack in half with a movement of his dual wielding axe.



The two girls screamed. Even if the attack was somehow nullified by the strike of that gigant axe, the remnants of it reached to them and shattered her clothes. You could see the flat abdomen of the Elven girl and some part of the massive breast of the Witch, their thighs were almost fully exposed and the same applied to the shoulders of the Elven girl.

Suddenly, a yellow light shone where the Knight was. In less than a second, the house where we were standing was splitted in half.

“So you are being serious, huh? What are heroes like you guys doing in this God-forgotten land?”

“Shut Up, you Monster! You’ll pay for your sins!”

The Knight in his shining armor shouted at us. Phlum’s face turned serious and her smile disappeared. A menacing aura started flowing from Phlum’s body and wind started blowing in the streets.

“Huh? I don’t know what you are talking about, but if you are looking for a fight, you'd better be prepared to die, you Heroes.”

Phlum’s feathers began to shine and the wind began to turn stronger and stronger. The Heroes looked concerned, and took a defensive stance. Gust of wind carrying dirt, leaves, dust, stones and even roof tiles came from each of the streets and collided into the heroes party. Phlum took my hand and jumped away from the Heroes, then we started running across the streets of the city.

“What do you think, little human? I'm powerful, right? Hahaha~ ”

“Yeah, you are really powerful, but why did those Heroes want to kill us?”

“They are just brainless jerks, little human. But it is really weird to see Heroes in this place, at this time of the year. I must tell my Lady, but don't worry, I'm not telling her our little secret. Hahaha~”

When we finally left the city, Phlum grabbed me and started feeling towards the Demon Lord’s castle, leaving all the chaos behind us.

Right after we arrived at the Demon Lord’s castle, Phlum grabbed my hand and started running towards our Lady’s room. We passed some maids, and I could even swear that I saw some reddish Slime girl heading to the nursery.

“Lady, Lady! We have some troubles in our hands right now!”

“Calm down Phlum, and explain yourself”

The Demon Lord asked Phlum with a calm voice while sitting on her throne with her characteristic dominant pose, one leg crossed above the other and her chin over her hand’s dorso.

“We saw a party of Heroes on Riverfall. They looked powerful and well trained, and… The Knight had a magical sword.”

Phlum doubted a little before delivering the last line, but she said it anyway.

“There shouldn't be Heroes near at this time of the year… Dragons are guarding their nest and Walpurgis Night is still far away, and a magical sword? We need to stay alert, if they decide to drive an army at us, we’ll need to wipe them all.”

We stood still in front of the Demon Lord after hearing that. I felt like we were free to leave the room but Phlum didn't move, she clearly wanted to say something.

“What's wrong Phlum? You are free to go, I’ll be giving you new tasks tomorrow, so you should go and rest a little.”

“Yes, I know but…”

“But? Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“I attacked the adventurer’s guild…”

“You what?”

“I attacked the adventurer’s guild…”

Phlum repeated herself while looking at the ground. I could see how the expression of the Demon Lord turned from calm to shocked and then, finally, anger.

“What did you do?!”

“I attacked the adventurer’s guild… But! My Lady, there's a reason for that!”

I felt a chill down my spine when I heard that, is she going to tell her our secret? No, it can't be, she said i'll be a secret between us…

“And that reason is…?”

“They looked so weak, and the little human here was worried that the goblins could kill them all, so I decided to show them how weak they were, that way, they'll train themselves and fortify their city’s defenses.”

“You know Phlum…”

“Yes, Madam?”

“Even if you can justify yourself, and bring some useful information, your quest was just to replenish the globins’ treasures, you know?”

“Yes, Madam...”

“So, you’ll be punished for acting by yourself.”

“Yes, Ma-madam…

The air in the room turned cool. I could see Phlum sweating, and the cool gaze of the Demon Lord towards her, is she maybe going to be executed? I’ll feel pretty bad if that's going to be the case, after all, going to the adventurers guild was my idea… When I was about to side with Phlum, the Demon Lord dictated her sentence.

“Phlum, you… As your punishment, you’ll be cleaning the castle’s roof for this whole month!”


Phlum’s desperate scream filled the whole room and maybe even the castle. I left out a sigh of relief. She's going to be fine.


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