“Then let's begin our date, little human. Hahaha~”

Right after saying that, Phlum took my hand and started running towards the fortified city. We arrived in a few minutes (That's a harpy's power for you).

There weren't many people trying to enter the city, and just as Phlum said, the check in was lame, so we entered the city without problems.

Phlum cloak covered almost all her body, but if you looked at her closer, you could see the tip of her feet’s claws and some feathers mixed with her hair. Also, her eyes and teeths weren’t precisely human, so the Riverfall’s guards are pretty useless.

We walked around Riverfall’s streets, taking a look at the stalls. Phlum was smiling and giggling all the time, she seemed like she was really enjoying herself.

“Hey, hey, little human, what do you think about those?”

“We should try those too, right little human?”

“Do you think that ribbon would look nice on me? Hahaha~ I’m just kidding, little human. Don’t get too embarrassed.”

“Look at those street performers, little human. They are so lame. Hahaha~”

She was carrying me around the city without letting my hand go. I can't say I wasn’t enjoying the hike, after all, I've never walked like this with a cute girl in my previous life.

But I must not forget my goal here. I need to drop the treasures I’ve been snitching all day somewhere they’ll be found by the right people. That’ll help them face the goblin threat growing in the forests.

“Hey, little human, look at that. That’s the place I’ve been telling you all day, they sold that Parfeit thing. Let 's go!”

I know, I know. But who’ll have the strength to tell you that? It’s even harder if you take her shining eyes and smile along with her dripping into account, so Parfeit it is.

“Okay, let's go eat some sweets.”

We walked into an elegant cafe. There were some paintings and ornaments hanging on the walls. The waitresses were using victorian’s maid clothes and a “Welcome back Master” was the first thing we heard when we entered the place. I guess there are these kinds of places here too.

We took a seat beside a window near the entrance and waited for a maid to come. The one who came wore glasses and short hair with bangs. She had a little bit of freckles on her face, and gave you those clumsy vibes. Another moe character.

“What do you want to order, masters?”

“Oh, we like to order two of those Parfeits thing. Hahaha~”

Said Phlum with a big smile and shining eyes on her face.

“Two parfait it is then, I’ll bring them right now.”

“Huh? What did you say?”
The previously happy and bright Phlum look somehow different. Her gaze was cold and her smile disappeared, the air in the room felt heavy and I could feel chills in my back.

“I-I’ll bring your parfaits right now?”
The clumsy maid repeated herself unaware of what she had done.

“Huh?! Hey bitch are you alright? I was ordering two Parfeits, you know?”

“Y-yes Madam, and I’ll bring your two pa-parfaits as soon as possible”

The clumsy maid repeated herself, again. I could feel the air turning even havyer. Phlum stood up and grabbed the maid from the collar of her clothes.

“Huh? what was that? I'm ordering two Parfeits you know, two Parfeits.”

The clumsy maid was shaking and I could see how she was standing only on the tip of her feets.

“But Madam…”

I shaked my head as soon as she tried to talk, and it seemed that the message somehow got to her, because her expression and words changed instantly.

“Y-yes Madam! I’ll… I’ll bring you two Parfeits!”

Phlum let the maid go. She seemed so scared and choked that almost fell from her feet. As soon as she regained consciousness, she started running to get our order as fast as she could.

“These humans are so funny. Hahaha~”
She was back to her-old-happy-selve. She can be really scary if she wants, so better not mess with her.

The Parfeits were quite delicious. I’ve never eaten a parfait before, much less a Parfeit, but if it is with Phlum, I guess I could eat them from time to time.

“Oh, by the way, little human. You are paying these, ‘kay?”

“What are you talking about, I have no money. Haha.”

I could see where this was going, so I tried to feign ignorance with a fake laugh. A cold gaze and evil smirk were drawn on her face once again.

“What are you saying, little human? You have been snitching coins all day, so you should at least pay for this feast. Hahaha~. Oh, but don’t be afraid, little human, I’m keeping this as our little secret. Wink.”

Did she just said wink while making that cute face? No, more important… She knew it all from the beginning.


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