When I woke up, I was in a nursing kind of place. My wounds were healed, but I could still feel the pain on my body. I looked around searching for clues. There were eight unstained beds in the room (including mine). Hanging on the walls, you could see posters of the anatomy of different kinds of races, including humans. The room smelled like herbs and medicine and the place felt really quiet.

Then my eyes met a slippery girl. Her light blue and translucent body covered by shattered nurse clothes made things clear, she was a Slime girl. She looked really soft and smooth, like a pudding. She seems delicious, in more than one way. She has a nice body, even if it looked like it could melt in your hands and is surrounded by an aura of kindness.

“Hey, you! You’re finally awake.”

I could swear I’ve heard that phrase before, but I couldn’t remember so I just let that slip. I tried to stand up, but was quickly stopped by the soft nurse.

“No, no, no. You should rest a little more, your body can be fine but your soul was almost ripped apart from it, so you should regain some mana first”.

Soul? Mana? Those RPG like terms sound so fake, but feel somehow pretty real right now. That's right, even though my body feels just like usual, somehow I feel really tired, despite the fact that I just woke up.

“Here, here cutie pet. You should relax a little bit more”.

She said while patting my head. It felt really soft and fresh but I could feel how my hair was getting wet by her touch. But more importantly… Whos this dummy girl calling a pet?! And not just a pet, a cutie pet! If this was my old life, I could die right now, I mean isn't every man’s dream to be treated nice at least once? And even if she is a Slime girl, she has some quite generous factions. And over all that, I was never treated like this in my previous life, so yeah, as I said, I could happily die right now.

“As I said, you should regain some mana first. Sadly we run short of blue potions, but lucky for you, they are made from our Slime girls precious juices, so you could drink it from the original source”.

I could somehow visualize where this was going, but my heart wasn’t ready enough. That being said, my gaze suddenly locked into her breasts. They were big and round, and due to her soft and wet skin they made you want to squeeze them with both hands.

“Kyaaa! What are you looking at, you pervert?!”

Screamed the Slime girl while covering her almost exposed breasts with her arms. It couldn't be helped, her clothes were melting after all.

“Didn’t you say that they came from your precious juices?”.

“Yes! But the ones covering our bodies, not… Not the ones you're thinking of!”

“And how am I supposed to drink them if you are covering yourself?”

She seemed to think about her answer a little bit, then she stretched out her arm and her finger, until it was so close to my lips that she could almost touch them. I could see a drop of dense and transparent liquid reaching the tip of her finger. I quickly reached it with my tongue before it fell. The slippery nurse was blushing and her body was trembling.

“I was thinking about something like this...”

“Are you sure? I’ve never licked a Slime girl before.”

Not that I’ve done that to a normal girl either.

“Go on, you need to recover more mana if you want to go back to the castle...”

She didn't look at my face while saying that. She was really nervous, her face was red and her voice quiet. Maybe it's her first time doing this too?

I started to softly licking her finger. I could see her fidget. I keep on licking her finger’s side, and then the base. I could see her face turning even red. Even if her original color was light blue, she was clearly blushing right now.



“No-nothing, keep on…”

Then I started licking under her nail with the tip of my tongue. I kept on doing this for a while. The girl's breath felt heavy and her body was trembling more and more. Finally, I straightly put her entire finger inside my mouth.


“This ismt that badm you kmow? You taste great.”

“D-Don't say something like that so bluntly!”

We keep on doing this weird ritual until my body and soul feel completely refreshed, but somehow the Slime nurse seems really happy and tired at the end.

“I-I need some rest. Go on, our master wanted to give you a quest as soon as you woke up...”

She said without looking at me, her face was buried into the pillow.

I left her behind while heading to the Demon Lord’s room. Oh I forgot to tell you, the Slime girl's name was Verónica.


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