“The heck are you doing, you piece of trash?!”

With those words I was shaken from my daydreams. I was pouring tea into a cup already full. It was a really fancy one, full of decorations and details, so the overflowing tea made it look like one of those old beautiful paintings. It was really awesome, but the most beautiful thing was in front of me. I’ve been working in this castle for three days now, but I still can't assimilate how beautiful this woman can be.

How I end up here? Well, I died in a tragic accident. The only thing I can clearly remember is that the driver had a name similar to mine. That was really weird because my name isn't that common at all. 

Before that, my life was really normal: no friends, no wife, no family and a worthless job, just like everyone else's, a normal life.

Well, not that normal, but normal for an otaku salaryman as I was, in other words a miserable life. I used to look at couples with envy and disgust, I mean, they just shouldn't show off in front of normal people like me. 

I remember that the first thing I saw in front of me when my eyes opened after the accident was this gorgeous lady looking at me with disdain muttering “Yeah, whatever.” After that, I've been working as her butler for three days now.

“Oi. Stop!”

A cold voice shouted at me, it came from the gorgeous lady sitting on a throne. She had long silver hair and dark purple clothes with red and black details. Her body had great curves in the right places but her cold look and grinning expression made her look terrifying. She looked like she was in her twenties, but her gaze and manners gave the impression that she had much more years of experience than that. Last but not least her overall looks were so perfect that you could easily mistake her for an Angel ,but she was more than just that, she was the Demon Lord.

Now that I’m back on my senses, I just noticed that  I’m overflowing the tea on the Demon Lord’s cup and making a mess on the floor and her legs. She doesn't seem to feel pain, but I could guess she is clearly angry by the looks on her face

“Hey you bastard, start cleaning that, right now! And don't you dare use that rag you are carrying, use your filthy tongue as the low animal you are.”

“Y-Yes Madam!”

Just as the Demon Lord ordered, I got on my knees, took my lady’s shoe off and when I was going to start cleaning it with my tongue as instructed, I could feel my lady’s body trembling.

“Oi oi oi oi oi! What are you doing?!”

“As you ordered, I’m about to clear this tea off your body my lady.”


With that scream, I was sent into the air with the fastest kick I’ve ever seen… Or that’s what I want to say though I couldn’t see it. But I saw something, just before getting kicked, I could swear I saw something black, full of details and frills between my Lady’s legs.

I could feel my ribs cracking and messing up my lungs, but the worst is about to happen.

There's no words that can describe how the moment when my body hit the wall felt, but I can try to tell you what came after. A lot of my bones pierced through my skin so I could feel warm blood flowing from everywhere, my vision was blurry and I could feel chills down my spine (or what was left of it). And the pain… Even if you could just stack all the pain you’ve felt across your life and then feel it again at the same time, it would fall short in comparison to the pain I felt at that moment. But I couldn’t scream or move, nor even cry so I just passed out. We have a long way to go from here on.


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