That Time I got reincarnated as… The Demon Lord’s butler?!

That Time I got reincarnated as… The Demon Lord’s butler?!

by Waskertyioup

My life was normal: no friends, no wife, no family and a worthless job, just like everyone elses, a normal life... One day, I horribly died on an car accident. My reincarnation was a mess, and somehow I ended as the new Demon Lord’s butler. Now I should help her with her plans to rule over this country's monsters and people. Of course, as a former human, I'll be secrectly help them... as long as I can. My dream? Just to have a peacefull life once again...

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Group Leader (II)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1. First Mistake ago
Ch 2. Slippery Nurse ago
Ch 3. Replenishing Treasures ago
Ch 4. Going on a Date with the Happy Harpy Pt. 1 ago
Ch 5. Going on a Date with the Happy Harpy Pt. 2 ago
Ch 6. We are back Home ago
Ch 7. The Sadistic Kitsune Girl ago
Ch 8. The Slime Sisters ago
Ch 9. Demon Lord’s Daily Life Pt. 1 ago
Ch 10. Demon Lord’s Daily Life Pt. 2 ago
Ch 11. Festival at Riverfall ago
Ch 12. Harvest Festival Pt. 1 ago
Ch 13. Harvest Festival Pt. 2 ago
Ch 14. Harvest Festival Pt. 3 ago
Ch 15. Children of the Damned ago
Ch 16. Phlum’s Story ago
Ch 17. New Quest ago
Ch 18. Gathering Information ago
Ch 19. A Dangerous Place ago
Ch 20. Steel Chains ago
Ch 21. Are You Serious? ago
Ch 22. Souls, Fire and Fate ago
Ch 23. The Magic Item ago
Ch 24. Date With The Demon Lord?! ago
Ch 25. Whitestone, The Big Capital ago
Ch 26. Tears from the Heart ago
Ch 27. The Hero’s Party ago
Ch 28. Dust to Dust… ago
Ch 29. Thoughts of a Human ago
Ch 30. Puni Puni ago
Ch 31. Embrace The Cute Ghost ago
Ch 32. You did what?! ago
Ch 33. The Fastest Beeing ago
Ch 34. Management Change ago
Ch 35. A Familiar Face ago
Ch 36. Unexpected Rain Under The Sunlight ago
Ch 37. The Calm Before The Storm ago
Ch 38. When The Bad News Arrived ago
Ch 39. The Devil’s Plan ago
Ch 40. The Two Armies ago
Ch 41. Face to Face ago
Ch 42. Checkmate ago
Ch 43. Duel ago
Ch 44. Danger Zone ago
Ch 45. The Sixth Warrior ago
Ch 46. Fighting for our People ago
Ch 47. Ferocious Battle ago
Ch 48. Tiredness ago
Ch 49. Aftermath ago
Ch 50. A New Sky ago

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