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A nameless undercover cop wakes on the shore of a virtual beach as a monster, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. All he has is a letter from the man who killed him, detailing his brutal murder at the hands of the Russian Mafia - and the fate that awaits his sister once the mob finds her.

To save his sister and himself, he must survive. He must fight... and he MUST win. But to do that, he needs a name. The name of a champion, a name that embodies the speed, grace and majesty of his monster type, the Reaper Nemesis.

And so begins the legend of M.T Noodles the 4th, PhD.

Sometimes funny, often violent, this series features a smart monstrous MC, semi-crunchy leveling and Pokemon-style battling.

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So far this story has everything I like in a litRPG - old stuff in new and better packaging and new stuff - like tentacles. 

Our hero needs to get those tentacles working or this is going to be a short story. We've already got a nemesis or two and lots of peril and danger. Sounds like there's gonna be the opportunity to team up with other monsters and maybe the MCs sister. One thing I like already is that the main character isn't blundering around wondering what sort of world it is - he knows about this sort of thing. I think we are all a bit over the 'heyyyyy I'm in a game??' thing. 

I like how the author has economically given us an idea of the character and his life before just in the space of two chapters, while still keeping the pace going. And I got a big laugh that chapter two ends on a literal cliff hanger. So yeah, so far so good. 

No pressure author - I know how people get all antsy wanting next chapters but we  readers also usually have a lot of reads going on so please enjoy making the story and we'll be cheering you on, just take the time it needs and have fun. So far you have delivered big fun. Thanks, InkWitch.

Mark Michael Lewis

Is killer monster MC with a no BS but good heart

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixteen: Dog Eat Dog World

Starts off with a Bang and just keeps going. I love the different kind of kill and battle experiences and level-ups that come from a monster MC .

I like the characters. I like the world, like the magic system, and I am enjoying the read. 

 The author knows how to pull me along and keep keep me interested. I feel like I'm in good hands.


This story has a lot of potential, and is very fun to read. The pace is good, not breakneck but has held me hooked through each chapter. The writing has a lot of personality, which makes it really enjoyable, and the opposite of a dry read. Throught the four sub scores:

-Style: Has personality and a good sense of humour. Doesn't take itself too seriously but not cartoonish when dealing with more serious matters

-Story: Relatively basic but doesn't need to be complicated. Has a perfectly good hook/mystery, and it will be very interesting to see how it unfolds. The plot is still in the earlier stages but all the other building blocks are strong for reading enjoyment to continue as the story progresses

-Grammar: Haven't noticed mistakes so far. Feels professional quality. The clean, clear sentences allow action scenes to play without interruption. The site descriptions similarly evoke strong imagery without grammar errors interrupting or cluttering the scene.

-Character: I personally really like the main character. His personality and humour feel dynamic and alive, and are a big part of the reading enjoyment. Side characters maybe a bit iffier, but more time will tell. 

Overall, I have given a 5 stars for the potential. It could lower if the plot develops some misteps, but the fun, well-choreographed action and engaging personality earn it 5.


Gonna be honest I was expecting for the MC to be a four armed gorilla thing? And fair warning the title is actually the opposite of what he actually does, And I mean this not as an insult to the actual story, So don't confuse that with me disliking the author for kinda clicking baiting the title, I actual find that funny.

Some of the description's are kind of off and a bit weird, like when he compared an extremely thin snout to a bullet?

But all around I feel the author has gotta work on getting people more in grossed with the actual story with better descriptions, While focusing less on how you as an author would feel if you were put in his shoes, and more on the actual character you've created, I feel like if you look at it from a third person perspective you can tell how your building up his personality and be able understand how your character would react if he was put in any given situation.