Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]

Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]

by Actus

This is a fantasy story in a steampunk setting, not a sci-fi.

The Great War ravaged the face of the earth many years ago. In the years that passed, the world rebuilt, mixing machinery and magic to form something new. Great blimps took to the sky, belching steam and smoke as metal cities sprouted like weeds below.

Angel, a talented mage, scours the desert endlessly in search of lost knowledge. When it unexpectedly falls into his hands, he quickly comes to realize that the world is far larger – and far more deadly – than he ever could have predicted. But no amount of danger is going to keep Angel from seeking out greater strength and traveling the world, claiming all the greatest treasure that it has to offer.

To most, the desert is a dangerous threat to be feared. To Angel, it’s a land of opportunity, waiting to be exploited.

Steamforged Sorcery is, as the title suggests, a LitRPG Steampunk story with heavy focus on magic and scenery. The main character starts out relatively strong (but far from overpowered) but will eventually grow in strength to incredible levels. It is moderately paced and does not progress at ridiculous speeds. 

Release Schedule: 1,500 words daily Monday-Friday

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Vitaly S Alexius

A rational System Litrpg in a steampunk world!

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: Map

From the mind of a prolific writer of Morcster Chief and My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror come another tale of interest: Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]!

In this novel, Actus combines the progression of a Litrpg with the fun of steampunk - magic!

“The world already ended. I’m just trying to help rebuild it.”

The landscape of Steamforged is a vast desert, filled with magical catacombs, monsters that eat anyone who dares cross it, buried ancient knowledge of powerful magic and possibly even gods forged from metal and flesh. Airships travel from one city to another.

This book takes the themes of steampunk and litrpg and smoshes them together into a most delectable sandwich of love.

Absolutey top notch, no complaints here.

Our core protagonist Angel is a daring “Seeker” who has a shiny metal arm and is into exploring dungeons and looting them for artifacts. He is hired on an escort mission by the Magistrate to take her daughter across the deadly desert.
The second protagonist is Venessa, the daughter of the magistrate. She is trying to escape from a marriage and is heading to study magic. The third mc is “Hunter” Cowl, who never reveals his face. Together the trio undertakes a dangerous trip across the desert, fighting pirates, monsters and discovering things.

Angel’s catch is that he spends most of his time taking apart ancient things to learn their magic, unlike other Seekers who simply sell them off to get rich. Through this he is extremely skillful at designing his own magical items and also modifying existing ones for his companions:

“Spending all your time dismantling artifacts gives a slight advantage when examining other magical items.”

Even the litrpg system itself is explained really well in this book: Angel has a unique artifact that tells him his opponents’ and his own stats.

The world of Steamforged is full of mystery and wonder and Actus handles the merger of steampunk and litrpg fantasy amazingly. Definitely check it out!


A leopard never changes its spots

Reviewed at: Chapter 60: Survival

This story is definitely worth spending time exploring. It just didn't win me over in the time I did.

The characters are sufficiently diverse, not too shallow and have their own agendas. However, despite being likeable most of their interactions are too short, practical and stilted. Instead of natural conversation most talks are clearly either exposition or indirect lore telling. Granted, the world-building is an outstanding part of the story but the lack of genuine conversation is an ongoing detriment as far as personal investment goes.

As mentioned before, the world and it's lore are deep and intriguing - as long as it's related to the on-going plot. Regarding the mundane it stays rather light. Common for webnovels but I really think this story could go up a notch by giving out more casual detail. The few times it does happen have been memorable highlights. It's also regrettable that the steampunk elements really are just an aesthetic veneer. Personally, I would have liked for it to meaningfully impact  the story.

The plot, it's twist and turns from the clichees it starts from, is where this work really shines in my eyes. There is a good tension curve and a well-paced developement from the ordinary mission to the epic quests and bombastic escalations. I find absolutely no faults here.

As I've stated before I consider this story above the ordinary. However, despite the fresh scenario and  quality I still have gradually lost interest. 60 chapters in, I feel no real connection to the characters and have no investment in their undertakings. Meanwhile, the setting and stylistic pecularities are losing their initial appeal and break down into known and somewhat bare-boned dnd-adventure patterns. By that point the story generally starts to feel less memorable and exciting to me. I consider this a real shame, since I think this story could easily rectify all these issues with relatively small changes (and maybe already has in future chapters). 

However, if you are a less demanding reader you are sure to be rewarded and I hope this story get's not only the polish it needs but also all the attention and recognition it deserves.



My unmatched nose smells potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: A broken system

Now this is clearly a title with potential. Fantasy in steampunk setting? Mage Mc with obsession on research? Unique setting? 

Now this is something that tickles my pleasure bone. Gotta say if I were the cat I would yell "that's the spot!". 

Other than that I haven't noticed anything that would annoy me. Whether it's grammar or the way characters behave.



Leahcim Zanathax

This is a rather dark and dangerous world.  The MC, Angel is a Seeker, which means he goes into tombs and hidden areas to seek and yes, steal from them to make a living.  There are monsters, traps, and several kinds of magic at play.

So far, the author is making a genuine effort to develop interesting characters and is succeeding with them to greater or lesser degrees.  The MC, though we've been given some tantalizing details about him, is thus far a bit underdeveloped as the author appears to want to keep his history 'mysterious' up to the point where I'm doing this review, Ch, 20.

The grammar and spelling have been good, well above average for RR.

So far, this is a VERY enjoyable read.  There is a touch of LitRpg here, with some basic stats being shown through a device the MC has, but we aren't being told damage numbers or given hit points and mana and other resources.  To me, that's just flavor text really, but I do know that some people greatly dislike ANY LitRpg, even when its not in blue boxes like this isn't.

Other than the LitRpg conscientious objectors, I strongly suggest giving this a read!


Certainly not a genre-mashup I've seen before. Might be due to the two genres having so different reader-bases that one would never really think of it normally as it would require quite the unique character to melt the two together. Luckily, this person is also good at making an interesting story as well. Tables might have been replaced with a more simple formatting but that doesn't really matter, the story around it better than anything. More clockwork plz.

5/5. Read. It.

J P Koenig

LitRPG/Post-Apocalypse done right

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: Map

I'm going to start this by saying you should really read this book.  The main character, Angel, has great emotional depth and is fully fleshed out.  His steampunk arm is unique and incredibly cool - it makes me wish I could swap out my right arm for one.  In addition, the adventure the author has put Angel on, while a common plot device, is executed brilliantly, and is a joy to read.

The story is set in a desert world that still manages to be colorful and interesting.  The world ended long before Angel was born, and he's a Seeker that hunts down artifacts, Indiana Jones style, trying to find old artifacts for cash, power and self fulfillment.  He's driven by more than greed, and delivers more than a grind for power that so many LitRPG heroes seem to focus on.

Stylistically, the story reads as a swashbuckling adventure with seedy, dangerous cities and steampunk airships.  Powerful people use the Old Magic, while Angel relies on a mix of Old and New to try to stay one step ahead.  High powered bandits have style and panache, and even the monsters are fresh and exciting rather than rehashes of old fantasy tropes.

So at the end of all this, I'd say that the grammar is fantastic - far above the average for RR fare.  The plot is interesting, the characters unique and engaging.

My only fault with this story is that the author doesn't write it as fast as I can read.  I strongly recommend it.

J. Rod.

Actual story, minimal but meaningful use of blue screen stats, and interesting mix of action and intrigue. Great potential. First story that has kept my focus in a long time which is no small feat. One can only hope that the end game has been well thought out and that the development of the character(s) doesn't ruin what is sure to be wild ride. 


Another thing I like from the author

Reviewed at: Chapter 40: Gambling

This author has made two novels that I really like now, This and My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror.

The characters are great, the world-building is consistent, minimal grammar errors and fixing said errors immediately after they're pointed out are all great things this author has. This is, quite frankly, a very great novel. Do give it a shot immediately. 

I'm sure you won't regret it 


Really enjoying this story. The steam-punk magical elements are interesting and the characters are as well. I am looking forward to seeing more of their adventures in this world. The mysteries established beg for an answer and seem to be leading up to something more. I also like the 'Ancient, Lost Magics' as well as the allusions to a 'System' that it appears the protagonist may soon get a clue to finding out more.

His explaniation for the Catacomb dungeons was also interesting, especially that the Dungeons themselves 'think', trying to trap people with magical items while preserving those they have.

Juan Gomez

A very good start to a VERY promising story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 32: A broken clock

Today, 10/24/2021, I am in chapter 32, with only 4 remaining to reach the 36 published so far and I think that now you can leave an honest opinion about this work.

The synopsis is very accurate, a world that is only a shadow of what it was, the result of a war between humans with powers comparable to nuclear bombs, if not more, is the place where the story takes place.

The protagonist has earned my appreciation, that is already a good thing, he is a seeker, making a living collecting magical artifacts from the catacombs full of dangers and opportunities and he is really good at it, since he has been doing it for years and is still alive. There are few relevant characters for now, but the few that exist are.

I don't know English, so I read it by copying and pasting the text in Google Translate so I may not notice the grammatical errors there are. I also write this with the Google translator, if there are any errors, this is why I say.

For now the story is just beginning, but I am very confident that if the author continues with this quality and quantity of chapters per month, this will be something great. I think that with the first 30 chapters the story already shows a lot of what Actus wants for this work and they should definitely give it a try.