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Tom's baby-momma died, and now her past is coming back to bite him. He's broke, The cops are out to get him, the babysitter is pure evil, and he's got a limited time to dig himself out before her world collides with his own.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Shades of Grey ago
Chapter 1: So You Might Be Psychic ago
Chapter 2: So Your Girlfriend's a Necromancer ago
Chapter 3: So You Want to Be a Necromancer ago
Chapter 4: Storage Unit of the Damned ago
Chapter 5: Organic, Free-Range, Ethically Sourced Human Souls ago
Chapter 6: Breaking Bad ago
Chapter 7: Customer Service of the Damned ago
Chapter 8: Getting Your Hands Dirty ago
Chapter 9: The Horse Metaphor ago
Chapter 10: Consequences ago
Chapter 11: Supervillains Are Closer than They Appear ago
Chapter 12: The Interrogation ago
Chapter 13: Losing Your Fear of Authority ago
Chapter 14: Declaration of War ago
Chapter 15: Nope, Chuck Testa ago
Chapter 16: The Art of War ago
Chapter 17: We’re the Good Guys ago
Chapter 18: He Is Not Your Friend ago
Chapter 19: Pants on Fire ago
Chapter 20: Nobody Expects Cougar to the Face ago
Chapter 21: Slumming It ago
Chapter 22: The Passenger ago
Chapter 23: Study Hour ago
Chapter 24: The Crazies ago
Chapter 25: His Trigger Word Is ‘Lily’ ago
Chapter 26: The Value of Ninety Seconds ago
Chapter 27: Things Get Weirder ago
Chapter 28: Hindsight is 4D/4D ago
Chapter 29: Five Star Service ago
Chapter 30: Information Blackout ago
Chapter 31: Bedtime Stories ago
Chapter 32: Missed It by That Much ago

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This one is a really promising urban fantasy. Magic system is original, characters are 3 dimensional. Consequences of using magic in our world aren't ignored, which is my pet peeve with most urban fantasies. Potential mysteries are foreshadowed. I'm hooked. Hopefully the author will stick with this book for a while.

MADAO is life

On a more serious note, the main charactar seems to act appropriately for his age. I do like the fact that the MC is not a savant that can solve all his problems without effort. The MC genuinely makes mistakes, but he doesn't come off as an idiot. The main villain is an interesting take on someone with delusion of grandeur, but it is hard to see if he will get much development moving on in the story. The situations so far have provided just the right amount of tension and originality to keep me wanting more chapters. I look forward to seeing where this story goes.


an urban fantasy that isnt complete hot garbage

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Pants on Fire

Much like the authors other works. This story stands up to the standards of his other work. The story is refreshing compared to the slob that i usually see in urban fantasy

Soul magic and the ways that authors depict the magic systems for souls. Has always been a "you can barely do anything with it" or a "you can do unspeakable things to the core essense of another persona and your self" Rarely do you find a story that reachs a middle ground that isnt "Only the mc can use it, cus macguffin". This story still has that exclusivity for the mc to feel special, but its presented in a way that still challenge him, Resulting in logical amount of conflict for the story to run on

tl;dr Story good - semi casual read - Creative magic system


Been reading this story on the patreon, it lives up to the expectations set by his other works. Interesting premise, creative use of powers and interesting plot with good pacing.No system stuff in this one but you can still watch the MC wrestle with what is in front of him

Quality of his works is continuing to go up as well.


Daniel Vickerman

Not Macro's Finest work, but good enough.

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Slumming It

The story reads as a fairly standard urban fantasy. It's plotted like any other book in the genre, which is a dissapointment as, so far, it's lacking Macro's signature "clever use of magic" themes pervasive in all his other stories.

Also I think I'm getting too old to read ninteen year old main characters, I prefer characters with their brains closer to their heads than their balls. Jeb was a nice change of pace in that regard. I'm sure any publisher would like this book, and it'd do decently well in the genre, but it doesn't feel like a Macro book, which is the only reason I started reading because I don't like Urban Fantasy. At least it doesn't fall into any of the obvious pitfalls or cliches most of the others in the genre do, so 4/5.