Contract Summoner [Revised]

Contract Summoner [Revised]

by Glaicial Dawn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Earth. The planet many of us call home. Here we live our lives as normal as possible. For Mathew McGonald, he too, calls this place home. He currently lives life as a divorce attorney, and is content with his life. One day, Mathew was leaving his office, a successful squabble ended, and his client kept most of his possessions from his ex-wife. When he went to step into the hallway, instead he ended up in a grey void with a blue box hovering in front of him. Earth now converted by an entity known as The System must now defend its self from portals that lead to other worldly areas known as Dungeons. Follow his journey as he not only learns how his new reality works, but how to be at the top of it all. 

Story will be 3 chapters a week after the first 10 chapters. Posted every Monday, Wensday, and Friday.

+Notable Tags+

Profanity: People curse all the time. Rarely at each other or in a deragitory manner. 

Tramatizing Content: The MC is not a nice guy. He isn't your classic 'White Knight' who will defeat the 'bad guys' and save the day. Your normal views of the way the world should work are not the same for him. Expect ruthlessness, backstabbing, lies, dishonorable actions, and so much more that makes this story realistic and great.

Urban Fantasy: While modern technology exists, along with space crafts and other soft sci-fi tropes, they are not key elements, nor will they be gone over in high details. This story is primarily magic/fantasy.

Soft Sci-Fi: Read above.

This story is a revised version of the previous story I wrote here on Royal Road. It's been almost a year since I published it and have worked on fixing it to become a better story that I am proud of.

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Glaicial Dawn

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Contract Summoner's Revised Song

Reviewed at: Ch. 21 Infernal Troubles

You should read this if you like blue-screen LitRPG
it’s a solid plot of fairly decent quality
the lead is not a typical main character at all
it’s great the way he seems prepared for issues big and small

The style is standard for the genre, it’s concise and clean
I noticed the high quality of each blue status screen
the chapters are quite action packed, but characters come first
we always know how characters feel when worse comes to worst

The story seems quite standard, but with satisfying twists
the lead solves problems with his experience, not just fists
the setting, scenes, and premise are solid enough for me
though some scenes are clunky if you do get nitpicky

The grammar is okay, and for this book it’s good enough
I’d say it’s better than average, it’s details without fluff
in dialogue it’s shaky, but overall I don’t mind
it does its job, and it’s as good as most that you can find

The characters are great, they’re well developed and sincere
they all have unique quirks and talents that often appear
they breathe life into a standard plot and really shine
the lead especially is a new favourite of mine

Overall, this novel does its chosen genre proud
the story is awesome so a few typos are allowed
it seems like it’s going to go on for quite a while
and I’m sure that it will leave most readers with a smile


Solid Rewrite. MC is cynical, collected and isn't psychotic. Good start.

Makes smart decisions, they are selfish, but thats how you survive.

Characters are brief, but seem decent. Too soon into story to really harsh anything yet.

Plot seems sharper and a bit faster than last rewrite. Already Improved.

Blue Boxes :)


A solid LitRPG with an interesting premise, and the system seems well thought out. Some of the character's choices could be a bit better explained (such as why the MC had such a well planned out 'apocalypse plan), but other than that it's off to a solid start. Personally excited to see what happens when someone breaks one. I could've sworn I've seen the plot somewhere before though... (jk)


It's a summoner story that isn't a self insert with realistic starting summons. There's no "I got a dragon at the start" mumbo jumbo which is a plus. The mix of fantasy with hints of sci-fi are cool too.

The mc also has the makings of a warlock with his profession which is the right type of starter cheat.



I'm new to the urban fantasy genre, with this being my first. I'm enjoying it more than I expected. I feel like people have pretty real responses to how they would handle this kind of situation. I especially like how MC's mindset undergoes a gradual change, rather than just automatically adapting to the new environment, and how his friends don't relegate themselves to being sidekick characters. I'm interested to see where it goes, especially since we're seeing that MC isn't really hero material and has his own selfish motives, which I can appreciate, because who isn't kinda greedy!


Interesting older MC with unique class

Reviewed at: Ch. 18 Training Montage

I really like this story.   Having an older mc with life experience caught in an apocolypse makes for a nice change.  His class is original and has so much potential.  And so far his sidekicks are interesting too.  Can't wait to see how this one develops.  Curious what the original version was like.


Loved the original, loving the revision

Reviewed at: Ch. 14 Shopping Spree

I'm not sure why, but this story really grasped my attention when it first came out. Something about having a MC who isn't solely focused on the good for humanity but is mostly just focused on himself really humanizes and brings the MC to life. The writing is solid, plot is good if somewhat overdone with a few changes, and I really have no complaints. It's just a good blue-boxed LitRPG with a smart MC and good flushed out characters.


great premise, MC ruins it

Reviewed at: Ch. 1 Menu

The premise of this story - system comes to earth, what happens now? has been done several times, but compared to isekai stories on this site, i think there is a lot of potential left for these. 

Nexgt, the characters 'thing' being that he's a successful lawyer, and using that to his advantage in the new world was a great hook.


But then comes the story itself, where he's a selfish asshole, weirdly perfectly prepared for the end of the world, but without any specific reason given outside of a general paranoia. His every decision is utterly selfish and cynical. None of this would be all that bad, if it was presented as either a character flaw to be overcome, neutrally in that its helping him survive the appocalypse but at a cost, or atleast as something others see as weird. Instead, its presented as the perfect take on how to have the best start in an apocalypse. Everyone doing otherwise is stupid, and burdened. It basically reads like the authors daydream about prospering in an apocalypse, and just isnt fun.

In conclusion, it reads like just another take of selfish murder-hobo beats everyone else by being smarter/better than them in the apocalyspe. So if your here for standard power trip progression fair, then this is for you. Nothing wrong with that. Anything more, look elsewhere