Give me my lily pad back.

Give me my lily pad back.

by Brights

Mibbet was a plain old frog, a frog? Long legs:check. Long Tongue:check supremely pissed off that somebody transformed her into a princess? Wait..... WHAT? Now she has to contend with international politics, roving bandits, stalker princes, and figuring out why the hell she's suddenly human all at once.

Today is shaping up to be a very weird day, and she hasn't even had her morning fly yet.  

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Odd but funny. Give it a go.

An unique take on the frog princess concept where the characters got the memo. Eventually. Kinda. Properly. Maybe? It was a bit coffee stained in all honesty...

There's a king, a princess, a frog, a witch, coffee, a drought, a prince, a new born god, a cult wearing pink, an owlbear cub, a fashion don'ts auction and most rare of all: common sense.

You'll either love it or hate it but personally I love the names the minor cast get. Give it a go and see what you think.


‘Give me my lily pad back’ is a fairytale short story about a frog that gets magically trapped in the body of a princess. That’s the premise, and everything that follows is hilarious!

The story maintains its light-hearted comedy throughout, making me chuckle as the MC stumbles through the world and adjusts to twoleg…human life. The premise and humour kept me interested until the antagonists and villains came into the story, then it just seemed to get better. There isn't any mountains of backstory to any of the characters (which serves the story) and I found the author’s wit, writing style, and comedic narrative super enjoyable.

If you want to kick back and enjoy a fun little story full of humour, then this should be on your follow list.

As far as criticism, I can only notice some minor grammar errors, perhaps a single spelling mistake. But the writing itself is top quality, and the story is exactly what it says on the tin: Funny.