Written In Stone



Skylar ~ Chapter 10: how it all went wrong



As soon as the lights went out, Carson made a ball of fire in his hands, but seconds later it went out. Then the mage stepped in front of us wreathed in flames. “I knew you would find out eventually, I just wasn't certain when.” He said then he laughed and all the sudden there were three of him, then five, then there were ten of him. “How do we stop so many of them?” Taylor asked “we dont” says Carson “nine of them are fakes, so we just need to find the real one” I quickly took a stab at one and it went right through so I put a bubble of suffocation around it and it disappeared because fire can’t survive without air. Just as the mirage disappeared a great wall of fire bore down on us, suddenly we were surrounded by a wall of water and it evaporated the second the wall of fire touched it then a dome of stone surrounded us. Carson lit his hand on fire and pressed it against the wall of stone but nothing happened and I noticed I couldnt breath. “Carson stop, it's consuming the oxygen!” Then suddenly my powers took over and then I started to spin my hands around each other and then a tornado formed and then kale added some water and it was suddenly a hurricane. The dome around us shattered. Then we stood back to back with our weapons focused outward. Suddenly a hale of flaming arrows shot at us then Taylor put her hand out and made a stop motion then half of them fell to the ground. Then she made a motion like she was throwing a spear and they flew at the mage, and all of his mirages disappeared and two arrows hit the mage, one in the thigh, one went through his hand. I quickly put a bubble of suffocation and he passed out. Then we examined the room to find a sword, a bow, six fire stones and a spear.

We had just gotten up the stairs when we were rushed at by the guards, they had us surrounded but I made a flat hand and slammed it into the ground. A burst of air shot out of that spot knocking over the guards, we all had our weapons pointing at a guard when the queen came into the hallway and she shouted at the guard “you idiots they just captured the assassin, how dare you point your weapons at them!” she screamed Then tears started flowing down her cheeks “my husband was murdered and you want to kill the ones who caught the killer?” “sorry, my queen.” the captain of the guards said. “Um, no need to freak out but, the mage is starting to wake up.” Taylor said “Quick bring him to our magic resistant cell, and go add the stones they found to their staff.” Said Queen Diamond



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