Written In Stone



Carson ~ Chapter 8: The assassin 


I woke up to the sound of screaming. I cast off the covers not feeling tired at all, as if I haven't even slept. I pulled on the boots and chain mail as fast as I could then while running tied my sword belt and slipped on the ring that the mage had given me last night. I then followed the screams till I came to the source, the queen and her servants. I got a glance of what they were screaming about the king was lying in a puddle of blood with a knife of adamantite in his back. I quickly tried to make a fireball to provide some light and all I got was a little pop and some smoke. ‘That's weird’ I thought, the mage said it would make my control of my powers stronger, then i thought what if the mage didn't want me to have control of my powers maybe the ring makes it so i can’t use them, then it it all came back the mage asking for a private meeting, then he must have stabbed the king and then gave me the ring so i couldn't fight him if i ended come to the realization of the fact that he killed the king. Then I threw off the ring and made a fireball so to better see the king around the knife was a patch of charred skin. I told one of the servants to get the queen to safety while me and my friends investigated. I ran to my friends rooms then as I neared the corner I ran straight into Skylar. “Skylar the kings been murdered, and I think I know who did it” I said then she beat on the others doors as I unsheathed my sword. Within minutes we were ready to fight. “Let's check out the barracks first” i said when we got there the barracks were on fire. “I knew it he made us all rings so we couldnt fight him because he knew if he burned down the barracks we would be the only ones able to fight him.” “So get the rings off and call your animals, because we're gonna fight him.”



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