Written In Stone



Skylar ~ Chapter 7:The platinum burrow


We slid into a large spacious room made of platinum where we see earth born, manticores and piles of gems and metals. Somewhere nearby someone is making weapons out of some of the metals and stones. Then the diamond hat dude hands us a staff with seven divots in it one of the divots had a stone of amethyst in it. “What are these?” i ask “these are 180 centimeters (70 inches) of extraordinary adamantite in the form of a staff. Glowing runes are carved along the entire staff with the exception of the handle, which has been wrapped in leather with gilded linings.”

Then he hands us all swords The blades have a large, curved crossguard, adding just enough weight to make sure the blade sits firmly in the owner's hand and protecting those same hands as well. The cross-guard has a gilded claw on each side, and a fairly small pommel which is decorated with precious gems.

“Your need to know something, the King is allied with the demon king, Muzodon.” The leader said “we found out at the ‘War of the demon lands” He said as a man dressed in weird armor made of adamantite passed by us.

Then he stopped in front of a door that marked with a sign that said “hatchery” inside were animals of all kinds

“You may all choose one animal as a companion and protection” he said then I ran to the purple wolf saying “I want this one” “great choice, the wolf of thought also known as neuron.” “I want the fire fox” said Carson “excellent choice, sparks is quite the cuddler.” “ I want the air dragon” Taylor said “Aella is a great air dragon” “I’ll take the stag who i’ll call etheon” said Ostin “i'll take the lion who i'll call shademus” said Gunnar “very good now it's time to meet our king, and queen.” we walk out of the room holding our new friends. Then we hit a wall. The diamond hard hatted man put his staff inside a hole in the wall and then walked through the wall we followed him.

We found ourselves inside an ornate room made of marble with images wrought of gold and silver and gems of all kinds sitting on beautiful thrones made of adamantite were the king and queen. a “Right next to them was a wizard that could do earth magic” the diamond hatted man said

“By the way, I thought you might want some fire potions so I took the phoenix and the dragon, we will keep both as payment for rescuing you.” the diamond hatted man said. Then the king cleared his voice then said “It is our honor to have our fellow rebels here with us. I take it you were given the staffs? He said “yes my lord” I said then the queen said “how do your parents feel about you being rebels, do they even know?” she said in a caring tone “No mylady we are all orphans” Ostin said “Oh you poor children” she said without a hint of sarcasm in her voice “husband lets give them nice soft clothes and food and a good bath” she said waving her hand in front of her nose in a teasing manner. “You are right my dear Sarah, you must be very tired” he said to us “yes my lord” Carson said “then let them rest!” the king said. As we were leaving I heard the mage ask the king “can we speak in private?” “sure, leave me dear wife” the king said.



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