After we were consumed by the fiery ball of air we found ourselves in our secret treehouse that Taylor made with her weather skills by giving it exactly what it needed in the exact amounts. “Yo,” Taylor said as she floated down from the ceiling “So what’s new?” “I'm kinda a πυρόω. Carsen said, “Woh, tell me you're just saying that to get attention.”

“Nope, it’s true,” He replied. “So is it contagious?” “it's a mark, of course not” “on the happy note where's Ostin? “Here”

Ostin said, “How's your weather warrior training going?”

“Besides the fact that Coach found out were the trouble makers and banning me for good but I’ve been using a winding tornadascope to spy on them so I can still train, but I’m doing fine” (a winding tornadascope is tornado telescope) ̈so what new things have you learned?”

̈ ̈the twister̈ he said like this, he makes a "haduken" motion then he twisted his hands in a quick motion, a fast moving vortex of are shot out of his hands and punched a hole through the floor “Sorry, did mean for that to happen.” he said “its fine” Taylor said “Um, guys we might want to take a few lessons from Ostin because the king knows that we know the Shadow Master’s cave” “What why didn't you tell us first?” “I was scared” a roar split the air “What did you do Carsen?” I tried the twister and I'm definitely a Φωτιά πυρόω, also I light the tree house on fire.”

“Thanks a lot,What was that for,Taylor can you put that out?”

“sure thing” suddenly there was a hissing noise and lots of steam then the fire was gone with no trace it was ever there. “So we brought some friends,” said Taylor, “What?!! Who?!!” “Cale and Gunnar” “the bully two?”

“Ya they can teach us all sorts of moves plus they have a secret they want to share, they’re πυρόω, Cale is a water type, Gunnar shadows. “Yup” say Cale and Gunnar as they step out from the trapdoor. “Yo” they say, then a air bubble appeared around their hands then they shook their hands and flung it like they were flinging water at someone, a air bubble shot at me and knocked me off my feet. You got to learn some moves like that and like the one Ostin showed you, I mean you are the troublemakers so you gotta learn to defend yourself, and boy oh boy have we got some moves for you to learn, I personally think you’ll love it.

It’s been a whole day and I've still not learned a single defense move, you should have seen the fire dragon, it almost lit the house on fire then we went down the trunk to the rooms and we all slept.

When we all woke up we went out and hunted after we cooked the squirrel with the move Carsen learned we gorged ourselves. We decided to take everyone to the “room with the doors'' or the cross rode and we weren't sure how to get there but then ostin said if that’s where he became a Πυρόω if does a flare because he was originally an air if he does a flare wherever the smoke goes is where he became fire. So we did it. The smoke just went up but then a crazy strong wind blew it away we had to fly to keep up with it. We found the cross road and entered the tunnel where Carsen was fired, and the stench, I would rather have been gagged with a spoon. We tried to be quiet but Cale and Gunnar were loud (on account of their large bodies)

We found the lava pit and were attacked by fire guards but carsen did a twister to them and it did nothing but I did a twister and it knocked them into a lava pit. Carsen showed us the door he touched and he opened it (he could because now he's fire,and AWW it's a baby fire dragon, It's so cute. I quickly stuffed it into my backpack before everyone saw it. “Whoa it’s a baby phoenix I wonder if we could get a tail feather we could make fire potions”

Ostin said but before I could stop him he plucked a tail feather “we can take it if you want to make more than one,- “your the best” he said as he pulled me into a great big bear hug. “Stuff it into the back pack” “how did a dragon get in here?” he said I smiled sheepishly “I couldn't resist” I said he laughed “just like you” he said “and it breathes fire win win”



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