The darkness weighed us down, it was the thickest black he'd ever seen.

Carsen thought. The air tasted like Iron and mildew, the shadows seemed to move of their own accord, they seemed to walk for miles. We soon heard voices, slowly getting louder finally they saw light from a dimly lit monitor “-So how many times have kids gotten away?” a gruff voice said. “- Eight.” One of the eight men in black cloaks said. “-Unacceptable! I need you to catch these kids because if mere children can get away with things like that, others will think committing bigger crimes are okay, AND THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!” The man said. Skylar looked closer at the man speaking and saw a glint of gold “it's the king she whispered harshly to Carsen. “What was that you said?” “Nothing sir, nothing at all.” “Wait what is that behind you?” Then I realized they were talking about us, “run I say as my powers take over and use the air it last touched (Carsen’s air bubble) The shadows all around went away when the fiery ball passed by. In a moment we were consumed by the fire then everything lit up, and then we were gone.



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