Written In Stone



Carsen ~ Chapter 2:The Crossroads. 


My head feels like It does when there's no air in water and I'm hanging out under the surface. I thought. I looked around me and saw unconscious Skylar lying on the floor. She had a large goose bump, but it didn't matter, he could take care of it later, but right now he needed to look around their human crash site.

He looked up at the ceiling and surprisingly there was no hole. Her powers were always one step ahead. I looked around our surroundings and noticed that there was a tunnel in each cardinal directions, above each tunnel there was a carved symbol; one an W.S., one an M.C., one a R.O.C., and an E.B. and under it Suddenly a roar echoed all around the crossroads and a blast of heat shot out of the tunnel marked “” and under it “M.C.”. I didn't think about Skylar, my instincts just kicked in: I ran into the tunnel marked M.C. The stink of sulfur hit my nose like a hammer, but that's not what really hurt; the heat burned my lungs. “Can you chill out heat?” I croaked. A reddish glow originated from the end of the long tunnel. I was sweating so much now that I was soaked, I was now so exhausted that I was having a hard time even creating a small air bubble, but I still managed to make one of respectable size, and it was no sulfur smelling and cool. After what felt like hours I finally reached the source of the heat; Magma. I saw amazing things: I saw something that I thought looked like a Chimera trapped in a cage of water. I snuck around against the wall and found myself by a door with this symbol that looked to have been blazed onto the wood of the door. I reached for the handle but when I tried to grab it felt like someone had put a hot metal rod to the palm of my hand.



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