Granny Isekai

Granny Isekai

by treehugger99

All that Laurence wanted was for the day to go well. But of course nothing ever goes right when it concerns Granny Ethel. His patient has a knack for getting into trouble, whether its going around the mall yelling that there is a fire and smashing all the light bulbs that she can find, or threatening a police officer with a thread cutter that she had smuggled into the library. However, he had never suspected that her troublemaking would land them both, and her cat, in another world entirely! To be fair though, it wasn't her fault they were summoned. At least he had finally convinced Ethel to start writing her daily journal assigned by her docter.

Fair warning! Ethel has dementia, and the story will at times seem uncaring about this or there will be jokes or humor based off of this fact. I understand that dementia is a heartbreaking experience to watch your loved ones go through. My grandmother had it and died. I would just like to say that this story is written in rememberance of her, and that I hope no one takes offense to my short story.

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