The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

by Werds_Are_Tough

In which we break down the science behind the Dao.

A lighthearted story about a guy transmigrated into a Xianxia who decides to make the best of his situation by pursuing his love for Science. 

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Vitaly S Alexius

Settle down, my dear reader and open up all of your senses because I'm about to dispense to you an advanced review cultivation technique!

Here before us, we have an ancient, twelve day old book. On its twelth day, it has managed to achieve three hundred readers with ZERO outside promotion by the author. This shows us that this writing technique is nothing but pure, absolute power that will break the firmament of the heavens and reach the immortals sitting at the top of this site in their seats of divine power.

But let us not get buried in techniques and numbers. From the very first chapter I realised that this will be a grand sucess - the cultivation world is fun to explore and even more fun to cut apart to see what makes it tick and squirm.

Werds_Are_Tough has chosen an excellent first person style for this narrative and it works quite well - as an avid reader I felt quite well connected with the MC. The mc isn't super defined in terms of backstory, so anyone clever enough can place themselves in their shoes. It's a modern man's cultivation - in which you, as a reader are placed into the shoes of the main character who rejects the common tropes of the cultivation [punching people and beasts in the face repeatedly for greater power] and takes on the exploratory / investigative role, trying to learn as much as possible, making friends and aquiring an adorable helper mouse in the process.

Grammar is very tight, only a couple of minor spelling errors.

All of the character interactions presented thus far are very compelling starting from the first conversation of the mc with the old alchemist. The characters don't feel like cardboard cutouts and live in a complex, interesting world.

Overall: There is a ton of potential here, keep it up!


Basically, a Xianxia mad scientist.

Reviewed at: 9 — Experiments

Or would mad alchemist be better?

... whatever you call someone experimenting in his room with alchemical recipes. I might also recall mad cackling somewhere.

Oh, wait, he's also a drug dealer!

Or not...

Well, he makes stuff in his room and sells it to a shady dude in a hidden corner, he somehow fits the description.He even got the conversation right.

This is what the story basically sums up as. Experimenting and selling his experiments to gain funds for more experiments. And maybe one day having his own lab.

All the while avoiding the gaze of the cultivators, that may or may not squash him, depending on the circumstances.

While there's no action, fights, or otherwise dangerous moments for now, it has still been quite enjoyable. The future looks also quite interesting. I can't wait for the day he gets his lab.

I did not pay enough attention to the grammar, since I was too taken by the story, but since I found nothing that broke me out of my immersion, I feel fine giving five stars.

Style is good, as I said. It kept me hooked most of the time. It could be better, but I also prefer more action focused novels, so I find it normal that I lost some drive at times. it was still good enough to keep me reading despite that, so five stars are well deserved.

I can't find fault in the way the characters are written. It is a first person POV so to gain a real understanding of a character we'd either have to read his perspective, or see many more interactions. For now, only three have been shown, and one had been very brief. Still the characters have well defined personalities, and fit the setting, so, for now, five stars again.

In short, if you don't mind the lack of action, this story is gold. And even if you do it's worth a try - who knows how it'll progress.


It's getting interesting. Starting was different.

Reviewed at: 17 — Heart of Thieves

Starting was different. Slowly building the entire world but it's picking up speed now. Never seen and unpredictable event are happening to force the protagonist to succeed or else. Can easily get past 100 chapters this year  make it to the popular list by 50 chapter. Keep it up author. Regular updates is key in the start. Get us hooked and by then we'll have the patience to wait a day for a chapter. Loving it. 


At chapter 9:

Quite excited by the prospects of this story. I've enjoyed Wuxia/XianXia novels for over 6 years now, and the alchemy aspects have always been one of my favorite. This story seems to be a fantastic delve into combining chemistry, science, and the arts of alchemy and cultivation. In addition, it's looking like the MC will develop an actual alchemy-based cultivation method, which as far as I'm aware will be a unique take on the whole Alchemist/Cultivator path. 

Style: Style is well written with good pacing. MC doesn't seem to be OP, and fails at alchemy regularly (but learns through failure!). Character interactions feel natural, with much appreciated short periods of non-MC points of view for their interactions! 

Story: Only 9 chapters so far; but I'm enjoying the story so far! Introducing a couple interesting side characters, and starting to hint at how the pathway of the MC will conflict with some of the mainstream ways-of-being in the cultivation world. 

Grammar: Only noticed a few oddities in the earlier chapters - dropped commas, a couple awkward sentences. Otherwise, no jarring issues. 

Character: So far, character development has been well rounded; including the few side characters that have so far been introduced (obvious backgrounds, and MCs assumptions or feelings about them). 

Looking forward to how this one develops; I'll be back in another 50 chapters or so to check in! :) 


Others have already said a lot of what I want to say. This is a funny, Beware of Chicken styled satire novel about cultivation. It's witty, well written, and fun to read. You won't regret it, so go check the novel out! Kudos to the author, this is one of those books that has the special spark of creativity mixed with high quality writing that rarely shows itself. Well done!


I really like how the story is going so far, it seems very unquie and down to earth while also being mysitcal and foreign, I also like your charecter interactions and thought patterns which are very interesting as well as fun to read. I hope that this stroy continues and go for to also look forward for the story to live up to it's name and have a more logical look at cultivation, which the alchemy focus really seems like it will help. I look forward to future munchkinary and cultivation *drug* making.


I mean, I don't truly hate the way it's done but I just got a little put off by it. Surprised me, at the very least, raised eyebrows and all. But to be fair, it might just be something done in this genre. Haven't read too many of those so I can't truly say how it holds up when compared to them. I could say I enjoyed this one a decent amount. Grammar was good enough, Style was different(not the bad kind but still), and characters were nice. Might not have seen much on the latter but I'm sure we'll get more attention on their personalities later on in the series.

5/5 from me. Good potential seen in it.


Well written. You get some background and how its moving forward. The pasing of the story makes me think that the author knows were hi wants to take it.(for know) Overall its a good start on a (hopfully) great Xianxia novel. Its to early to tell more the author workning hard


Normally I don’t read stories with 2 chapters, much less review them, but damn the author’s got something special here. 

Werds has set up a rollicking fun adventure—isekai to a Xianxia world to science the shit out of alchemy? This story scratches the same itch as Beware of Chicken. Even just a few pages in, I’m sold. 

Excited to see where it goes! 

Mohammad Al-Deep

The story is pretty ok, it is just not that amazing or unique.

It is a pretty standred Isekai story, with a twist that alchemist are shit upon by everyone else, unlike others cultivation novels, to make our MC life a bit more challenging.

The grammers are pretty good as far as I can tell.

Maybe it is just not my cup of tea, do give it a try though, it could be to your liking.