The Laws of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

The Laws of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2

by KrazeKode
Editor: Experiment Zero

What happens when you realise that in a world of pill popping murderhobo young masters, the true path to cultivation is by making a whole lot of drugs?

Let's find out.

What to expect?

- A lot of spirit animals and pokemon references about them!
- Grenades! Nukes! EXPLOSIONS!
- Life and Death cultivation stuff
- Alchemy Drugs
- Far too many memes 

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Table of Contents
121 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary ago
1 — Beware of Cultivators ago
2 — The Path of Alchemy ago
3 — Old Man ‘Lao Zhang’ ago
4 — Rat Dealings ago
5 — Gotta catch em all? ago
6 — A Peaceful Day ago
7 — Totally not Drug Trafficking ago
8 — Forbidden Love ago
9 — Experiments ago
10 — Labby ago
11 — Spirit Animal ago
12 — Sect Halls ago
13 — A Silver Pill ago
14 — Seventh Peak City ago
15 — Stalking Stalkers Stalk ago
16 — Sworn Brothers ago
17 — Heart of Thieves ago
18 — Zou Chen ago
19 — A New Bond ago
20 — Lost Love ago
21 — Spirit Herb Cultivation ago
22 — Changing Cultivation ago
23 — Sect Library ago
24 — The Second Floor ago
25 — The Dao of Maths ago
26 — Drug Explosions! ago
27 — Cultivation Bombs ago
28 — Improvements ago
29 — Quest ago
30 — Taizhou ago
31 — Spirit Spores ago
32 — Hidden Lake ago
33 — Root of the Roots ago
34 — Inner World ago
35 — A New Companion ago
36 — Back to Taizhou ago
37 — Blossoms of the Moon ago
38 — Lunar Thunder ago
39 — History of Cultivation ago
40 — The First Pill ago
41 — Grandfather ago
42 — Preparations ago
43 — An Odd Gathering ago
44 — Budding Friendships ago
45 — Cultivation Cure ago
46 — A Shattered World ago
47 — Trials and Tribulations ago
48 — Twin Paths ago
49 — Half Step Breakthrough ago
50 — Dual Cultivation ago
51 — Sharing a Path ago
52 — Science Class ago
53 — Verdant Pills ago
54 — Forming Bonds ago
55 — Heart to Heart ago
56 — An Old Man’s Past ago
57 — Heart of Alchemy ago
58 — Understanding Gu ago
59 — A Desire to Grow ago
60 — Broken Cycle ago
61 — Plans and Preparations ago
62 — Formation Arts ago
63 — A New Home ago
Announcement — Mark of Time now on RR ago
64 — Checking in ago
65 — How to start a Drug Empire? ago
66 — Spirits Roots - I ago
67 — Spirits Roots - II ago
An Alchemist and a Thief's Untold Story - Chapter ?? ago
68 — Lightning Arts ago
69.1 — Blood Farming - I ago
69.2 — Blood Farming - II ago
70 — Bloodling ago
71 — Gu Alchemy ago
72 — Void Explosions ago
73 — Shared Secrets ago
74 — Selection Round - I ago
75 — Selection Round - II ago
76 — Selection Round - III ago
77 — End of Selections ago
78 — Spirit Herb Hunting - I ago
79 — Spirit Herb Hunting - II ago
80 — Spirit Herb Hunting - III ago
81 — Spirit Herb Hunting - IV ago
82 — Spirit Herb Hunting - V ago
83 — The Forgotten Not-Friend (Spirit Herb Hunting - VI) ago
84 — Spirit Herb Hunting - VII ago
85 — A New Rival (Spirit Herb Hunting - VIII) ago
86 — Spirit Herb Hunting - IX ago
87 — Spirit Herb Hunting - X ago
88 — Spirit Herb Hunting - XI ago
89 — Hidden Trial ago
90 — A Forgotten Past ago
91 — A Rat’s Trial ago
92 — The Dragon Ascends ago
93 — Serpent’s Trial ago
94 — Shie Liuxiang ago
95 — The Lunar Court ago
96 — Tree of Unity ago
97 — Breakthrough ago
98 — Dragon and Phoenix ago
99 — A New Era ago
100 — Retribution ago
101 — The Hunt Ends ago
102 — Trial ago
103 — Leaving Sect ago
104 — A New Start ago
105 — Settling In ago
106 — Mending Cracks ago
107 — Rebirth ago
108 — Sisters ago
109 — A Brother’s Oath ago
110 — Lost Shadows ago
111 — Proposal ago
112 — Inner Turmoil ago
113 — Gossip ago
114 — Bad News ago
115 — Making Plans ago
Announcement — Patreon Free Trial! ago
116 — Banquet of Snakes ago

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I read a lot of Wuxia, but this still feels fresh

Reviewed at: Hiatus Note + Free Patreon Offer

I have lost years of my life to the curse that is cultivation novels.  This one however still feels fresh.  It has familiar tropes of the novel, with fights, pill making, and young masters, but the actual cultivation system feels more coherent than I am used to.  The whole life and death duality thing to truly cultivate, the merging of heaven and earth.  The spirit and the body.  Yin and Yang.  It is all quite nice.  Read this and you will be left wanting more.


I quite liked it. It wasn't what i expected ..

Reviewed at: 24 — The Second Floor

I was expecting cultivation + scientificMethod+physic from the title, but got Cultivation+scientificMethod+alchemy.. pretty close.

Also I quite enjoyed teh story, and too know the pain of watching your story not do as you hoped. Keep it up, you got this. I liked what you wrote alot.

It's light, fun and I enjoyed the characters.

Swamp Thing

This is the first story I have read whose theme is to apply modern day scientific principles to the concept of xianxia cultivation.  Thus, far, I have enjoyed reading each of the chapters.  The author's efforts to codify cultivation and qi have been both creative and, in my opinion, well done.  I especially like his back to nature approach to dual cultivate (Not a sexual dual cultivation between man and plants.  Ugh!) with his spirit herbs do that both gain in strength.  Also, his relationship with Labby is both cute and smusing.  Keep up the good work, Krazekode!!

Talara Ni

I'm no literary critic, so I can't get too specific. But this story is really great. It's one of those rare stories where I can read it and just keep on reading while remaining invested and interested. I can reliably expect to go back to it and enjoy it without issue. Good stuff.

The concept is a lot of fun. I don't think I could stand reading an actual Xianxia, but this marks the second... subverted Xianxia I've read, the first being Beware of Chicken (also super great). It can be a very fun... subgenre (?), apparently.

As for other stuff, I feel like it handles power progression pretty well, and the science aspect is neat. The characters feel real and distinct. Um, yeah. I guess that's it. Good stuff.


I'm going to preface this review by noting that this is one of the best first entries to a xianxia story on royal road. Hands-down. While it can feel a bit derivative of Beware of Chicken at times it does differentiate itself enough with its ancillary characters, setting (what would happen if MC in BOC didn't leave the sect), and plot. 

One of my favorite things about this is that the first ark feels like a book. Beginning. Middle. End. Many web series tend to flow from one ark to the next and it feels like authors split the books up arbitrarily. Instead, this hits you with a full definitive ending that leaves the reader wanting more. If you like xianxia you will like this.

However, the biggest flaw is the title, and the effect it has within the story. I love the idea of the scientific approach to esoteric magic systems but it's so difficult to pull off. I can't imagine the amount of research that would be required to be strict with this approach to storytelling. The title will give potential readers the wrong expectations. Understandably the authors focus more on telling a good story with a scientific influence. DO NOT COME HERE EXPECTING EINSTIEN TRANSMIGRATED.

That's all I have to say. Great start. Can't wait for more.


Great cultivation novel

Reviewed at: 29 — Quest

I have been enjoying my read so far, really interesting to follow a Xianxia novel with an Alchemist as a main character, I will recommand this story once I'm caugh up.

Great work and I look foward to dive deeper in the story to follow the adventures of MC an Labby.


Its my frist read off a cultivation book whit no killing i was 50/50 if i was gona try it but i like the jokes no rush to kill a strong monstor to save a town or need to cultivat all the time to get strong just to stay alive


but om just on chapther 25


This story easily gets it's 5 stars, now I still give some important notes. First, this story doesn't dive deep into the science of cultivation in the way you might think. The main character certainly experiments with alchemy and how things work, learning a lot about it, but we don't see most of those experiments. Mostly because as MC says, most experiments are failures.

The other is his cultivation mostly doesn't benefit from his knowledge, though he does help out others.

The most important part of the story however is that he gets some adorable spirit beasts. And Labby deserves all the drugs

Vitaly S Alexius

Settle down, my dear reader and open up all of your senses because I'm about to dispense to you an advanced review cultivation technique!

Here before us, we have an ancient, twelve day old book. On its twelth day, it has managed to achieve three hundred readers with ZERO outside promotion by the author. This shows us that this writing technique is nothing but pure, absolute power that will break the firmament of the heavens and reach the immortals sitting at the top of this site in their seats of divine power.

But let us not get buried in techniques and numbers. From the very first chapter I realised that this will be a grand sucess - the cultivation world is fun to explore and even more fun to cut apart to see what makes it tick and squirm.

Werds_Are_Tough has chosen an excellent first person style for this narrative and it works quite well - as an avid reader I felt quite well connected with the MC. The mc isn't super defined in terms of backstory, so anyone clever enough can place themselves in their shoes. It's a modern man's cultivation - in which you, as a reader are placed into the shoes of the main character who rejects the common tropes of the cultivation [punching people and beasts in the face repeatedly for greater power] and takes on the exploratory / investigative role, trying to learn as much as possible, making friends and aquiring an adorable helper mouse in the process.

Grammar is very tight, only a couple of minor spelling errors.

All of the character interactions presented thus far are very compelling starting from the first conversation of the mc with the old alchemist. The characters don't feel like cardboard cutouts and live in a complex, interesting world.

Overall: There is a ton of potential here, keep it up!


Purely for the pun at the end of chapter 46 this deserves 5 stars.

Overall it's a very nice story with some really nice and deep world building. I personally prefer that you went away from the number crunching alchemy. Hearing about how he achieved a .5% increase in efficiency to increase profit margins is just bleagh. I would like to see some more science equations to Qi based puns though