The Family Secret (The Zero Enigma 10)

The Family Secret (The Zero Enigma 10)

by ChrisNuttall

Returning to her home, unaware of the growing crisis, Isabella Ruben discovers that the crisis is all too aware of her ...

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Chris Nutall.... Obviously doesn't understand RR

Reviewed at: Chapter Four

For the life of me, I am trying to understand what the Author is trying to accomplish.  

He is obviously very successful on Amazon, having published on that platform for years at quite a prodigious rate.

But in the past month, he has thrown up on RR 4 books, two of which look about complete, and two which are partially up.

All four of which are way way down in their respective story lines.  It's no wonder that he is failing miserably.

I say this with love Chris.  Stop it.  You are embarrasing yourself.  You are insulting the group intellegence of RR.

Here is my advice.  I've never written anything, so it's value is more than worthless.  It's trash.  Ignore me and delete this comment.

Although, I've probably read more scifi and fiction in my life than most, currently at about 2000 or so completed novels of most genres, I guess that would make me qualified, to at least represent, the average reader.

If you are trying to gain a following, instead of what you have thrown up here, why don't you break your mold and give RR an original idea. Book 1 of something, not book 10.  not a spin off of a 12 book series that's gone stale.

And take your time publishing it.  4 or 5 chapters on the drop, 3 -4 chapters a week after that.  

Literally, as of this post one story has 72 followers, the others have 44 and 40 and 3.  

You have milions of read pages on Amazon.  You are a smart guy.  Take your time to learn how to game the RR algorithm and you can be succesful here.

Oh, and for this story, watch your tags.  This story is in NO WAY a LitRPG.  Not even sure how you can stretch that far.