Collect The World

Collect The World

by munxy

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Strong Lead

(From the creator of Desire, Zombie Slayer!!, and Towers of Heaven)

In this world, turning 18 grants an innate gift based on your beliefs, traits, and actions.

So it was no wonder Keith was overjoyed when his innate gift manifested as a Grimoire that grows stronger the more items he collects.

After all, he's somewhat of a hoarder.

But as Keith learns more about his Grimoire and its unlimited potential, forces in the world begin to move.

Swept up in events outside his control, Keith will need to confront hidden truths about the nature of his world, his family, and his destiny.

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Subpar worldbuilding, poor character development

Reviewed at: Collect The World - Chapter 16

Collect the world begins off the beaten track for a typical fantasy story. In the first chapter, we encounter our protagonist, Keith, in media res, working on his stock portfolio while his mysterious, beautiful, OP sisters are killing monsters. 

What I'm trying to say, is that the protagonist from the get-go is a cross between the "arrogant young master" trope of xianxia novels, and the classic "OP self-insert" of poorly written fanfiction. 

Consequently, when Keith gets a mysterious powerful "innate gift", there is no narrative drive moving the story forward - nothing to avenge, no villian to fight - and the only motivation has is some sort of keptomaniacal desire to "collect the world".

I will be very pleasantly surprised if the story is able to recover from this rocky start.

Overall score: Save yourself some time and read something else.

Style: In attempting to subvert the tropes of a typical power fantasy, the story falls flat, removing the driving force behind the narrative. Even worse, Keith is surrounded by a bunch of mysteriously powerful family members, whose present seems to suggest a handwavy attempt to explain his powers without providing a satisfying story The dialogue is also stilted and is doing more "telling" than "showing".

Story: A typical power fantasy. Nothing wrong with the story itself - dude gets a mysterious power and tries to break the world - but the writing really holds it back to the point where you wish the author would just keep a running inventory of how much power the protag gains each chapter.

Grammar: No mechanical issues.

Character: Keith is an exceptionally flat character. The problem, once again, with starting a power fantasy where the protag is OP and doesn't run into serious conflict is that he never gets a chance to develop his character. The same goes for all the OP family members, etc.

Otter Pops

This story is boring. Nothing is going on so far. The protagonist is just a spoiled brat that gets everything he wants. 20 chapters in and there is still no conflict. So far the families big reveal just rewards the protagonist with more loot. His family is one dimensional so far. He has no friends and his school life wasn't even touched on.


You know, I thought there was going to be a twist with Zachary actually turning out to be the main character. What a joy that would be, but no. We're stuck with this annoying rich brat who gets everything he wants and then some. I skipped ahead to around chapter 9 and it's still the same.

Grammar is good, haven't noticed mistakes so far.

To sum it up, it's a power fantasy with the main character being the most annoying ever.

Sorry for the harsh review, but this is my first time doing one and I wanted to be honest.


The MC is interesting...which is the most important factor in any story. 

He is not some unorginal MC with anoter unorginal goal (vengeance, becoming strong, harem.....) but a fighty rich protagonist who simply like to collect things and continue his good live despite the fact his familly is hidding something important which can or not change his easy live. 

That being said he is not bad guy, he don't mind helping people specially when it so easy to do it with all his money and his mother helps. 

I'm curious how this story will develop...I like the setting, the MC but I also hope this not slive of live story type. 

I like to see how the MC will react how live will not so easy anymore. 




Although Collect the World starts out a little slower than previous stories the Author has written in the past, it's a fun story and quickly becomes an engaging read. While the MC isn't your typical hero, he's still a fun, good-natured, likeable character that you want to see grow and get stronger. He might privileged and uses this to his advantage, but this feeds into the story and the larger plot you get snippets of and feel building behind the scenes.

Very creative story, characters, and setting! There is great world building that feels logical and makes sense. Virtually every chapter ends with you hooked and wanting to know what happens next!

I'm loving the story so far, and I'm super excited to see where the story goes from here!!


The story overall is really good and explores some interesting concepts along with good world building. the characters I am so so on and will need to continue reading to rate them correctly. The main character Keith initially doesn't seem to have a strong motivation and definitely needs to be expanded on as the story progresses. The readability and grammar are good. I would recommend this story.


Things I love about this new series by Munxy.

1. The lore and story of the world and the way it's presented makes it impossible to put down! I cannot wait to see how this and the rest of the series ends. 

2. Kieth is a very unique MC. You rarely see the wealthy and privileged teen become the hero of a story but it has been done very well here and in a way that makes it super entertaining!

3. The humor with Uncle Doven is top notch. Honestly read it just to see these scenes lol. Other characters are also well done, there's a strong cast of unique characters that are fleshed out and wonderful to learn about in their own ways. One of my favorites is his sister and her ability ;).

4. The MC's ability is unique and OP but not in a way that breaks the system of the world. Munxy does a very good job of cleverly limiting how OP our MC is and will be. 

5. No issues with grammar, punctuation, etc. High quality story by a high quality author

Can't wait to see what comes next! If you like a system based world, unique magic system, and far reaching plot that seems to have infinite lore to unpack them this is the story for you.