Innocent Devil

Innocent Devil

by linley babe

Akira was known a demon, he always turtured his victem there almost millions people was turtured by him . he is a assasin, A King in underworld org. His name and presence was a nightmare in assasin world also in his target but he died in unexpected reason........... .........he died while slepping....... What if !? he get raincarnate to other world Where strong eat the weak where strong is the right and the weak is wrong Im sure he will rock that world.....whahahahhahaha..!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Genre: martial arts and bl

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linley babe

linley babe

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Hell NO! I mean, it's a yaoi right?

Not for me. Two boys sucking each other's dick? Hell no. Fucking yaoi. I dont care if the boy is cute or feminine looking, i mean, IT'S STILL GOT A DICK RIGHT? Hell no. Sorry to criticise you when you've just started but.. Its yaoi right? Its about boys flirting, teasing and fucking each other right? Hell no.