Of Souls and Rogues

Of Souls and Rogues

by DoomMoose43

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

When thieves Von and Lloyd are murdered, they wake up to find themselves not in the afterlife, but in the realm of the demigods. These demigods rule territories and hold sway over various domains, such as professions, elements, and more. The demigods vie for power, be it through military, economic, or diplomatic means.

The roguish and jovial demigod of thieves, tricksters, and deception, Cadius, has taken a keen interest in the duo, and ropes them into his escapades, plots, and schemes.  Just what kind of person is Cadius, and what grand designs does he have in store?

From pickpocketing to infiltrating the personal quarters of the demigods themselves, Von and Lloyd have their work cut out for them. They'll need to support and encourage eachother if they want to survive.

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Note: This is my first work of fiction, and as such, there will almost certainly be issues with pacing, grammar, the writing as a whole, and the story as a whole. If I reach a suitable point to pause the story, I will most likely do a complete rewrite as a separate RR posting. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here or in the discord. Thank you for reading!

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The synopsis is a perfect description of this book: Von and Lloyd, partners in life and crime, bringing great fun to whoever reads about them!

TLDR: 5/5 enjoyment, with great characters, great worldbuilding, and a (so far) simple yet fun storyline. It is growing to be one of my favourite stories.


Style: POVs, and so far, good POVs. The main voice switches between Von and Lloyd, and it is so interesting to see the development from both their perspectives. Then we occasionally get some side character voices, which I am also enjoying a lot because they tie well into the story (but I guess it could get confusing if overused).

Grammar: High quality grammar. Some typos, some stuff, the usual, but doesn't break immersion. There is no funny business with possessives and contractions, which I'm extremely happy about.

Story: The story is what it promises to be: fun adventures of Von and Lloyd, with a sprinkle of nice side characters. There is so far no long-term goals for them, but we do have some short and mid-term goals that give direction to the story. It is a simple story, but it is done well, and I think it's awesome.

The worldbuilding is also really good. No major infodumps, just a slow trickle of new places, new races, new powers; of a typical yet unique fantasy-like world. 

Characters: This is such a strong point for this story that five stars falls short. Each character is distinct and fun to read about, and I think this will only improve as we get more story, more development, more good characters.