This Is Where I Want To Be

This Is Where I Want To Be

by Tina_Boshoff

In modern America a teenage vampire\alien and four men’s lives intersect into an ultimate reverse harem. Haunted by a past and a fascist ruler of her home planet, she battles her enemies to achieve her goal in life. To be happy.


Juliet is a strong female lead that has one outlook on life. To love what is good for her and to give all of herself to whoever wants to be a part of her life.

The supernatural aspect comes in that the origin of the creatures on earth is alien-based including vampires, werewolves, and others. They will be traveling to space.

There will be a lot of fighting, physically and emotionally, for what Juliet wants.

Ultimately, she rules the three planets and sets all the different species free of the bondages of their societies.

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Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
131 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Notice ago
Feelings Develop Over Time ago
They Are Going To Meet ago
They Meet ago
Cowardice ago
To Strangers ago
The Hunt ago
The Almost Kiss ago
Stupid Girl ago
Complications ago
Wednesday ago
I Still See You ago
Aftershock ago
Stupid Drunk Girls ago
The Drive Home ago
Two Stupid Guys ago
Getting To Know You ago
Making A Marriage Work ago
Getting Over It ago
Strong Girls ago
Goodbye And Goodnight ago
Letting Go ago
Make Love Not War ago
Like Nothing Happened ago
Telling My Friends ago
Being The Better Person ago
Poor Chris ago
Sunday Is Not a Fun Day ago
Introducing Marcus ago
Hierarchy Established Pt 1 ago
Hierarchy Established Pt 2 ago
Preparing for France ago
Meeting The In-Laws ago
Stupid Chris ago
What Do You Think You’re Doing? ago
We Have No Idea What We’re Doing ago
No One Has ago
My Father In Law ago
Things Keep Happening ago
What Do You Want to Do Tonight ago
Chris You Think too Much ago
Stuck in the Middle ago
Seven Days Too Late ago
Benjamin ago
Lots of Years ago ago
Get Set, Go! ago
Life Sucks And Then You Die ago
Cowards Versus Heroes ago
Juliet And Marcus ago
Raas ago
King Whatshisface ago
En-gannim ago
Sita's Back ago
Cool Down ago
There Is No “I” In Team ago
I Can’t Seem To Make You Mine ago
Sorry Babe ago
Meltdown ago
Putting Sita In Her Place ago
Liv From Palmyra ago
Embassy Rules ago
Baby ago
Juliet’s Back ago
What’s Going On? ago
Recognizing Your Mistakes ago
Swept Under The Rug ago
Oh, Yes. Oh, Yes Yes Yes ago
Proof Of Life ago
Tricked ago
Juliet Bows Down ago
Why Did We Fall In Love? ago
I’ll See You When I See You ago
Belly Up ago
Going Back To hell ago
Wake Up! ago
What The Hell, Marcus? ago
First Night Back ago
Marcus Keeps Disappointing ago
New People ago
The Seventh Stage of Grief ago
Moving Forward ago
Crazy Juliet ago
Palmyra ago
Every Day You are Away ago
Facing Your Worst Fear ago
Louis Gets Promoted ago
Soren and Isla ago
Louis And Agatha ago
Relationship Tested ago
Oh Crap ago
All That I Know In My Mind ago
Family business ago
Oh Baby! ago
Helping An Old Friend ago
Louis Is Too Much ago
Telling Louis ago
Oopsydaisies ago
Invitation ago
No Way? ago
Kubra Moves In ago
Juliet and Qadir ago
Giving Birth Again ago
Time Is A Test ago
Meeting Marcus’s Grandfather ago
The Test of Change ago
Qadir Vs. Juliet ago
Trauma ago
Where We Came From ago
Summer ago
Your Laughing Now But… ago
You’ll be Crying Soon. ago
My First Step To Independence ago
I Need Some Help ago
Getting Used to Husband Number One ago
One Person At a Time ago
The Journal ago
Jealousy ago
Where Is Isla ago
Scheming ago
Past Revealed ago
Trouble On Zoreah ago
Back On Earth ago
Juliet Vs. Ahasuerus ago
Celebration ago
Ten Years And Then Some ago
Family Meeting ago
Finding Myself ago
Gathering the Family ago
Michael and Juliet ago
You’re Just Like Your Mother ago
I Think About You ago

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I dont know why and I don't truly care about the true reason behind it, but there are some minor but very annoying issues with the grammar in this story. It is nothing major, as said before, but it is on the brink of being wrong in the same side consistently. I am half-determined to believe it might be due to second language syndrome, yet I am not that sure about that theory. The future might show some change, but I can still safely say that this fiction needs editing by a second pair of eyes.

On the other side of things, I would say that this is alright for a casual read. I won't personally read more than I already have, but perhaps somebody else would have the pleasure of doing so. Whatever. 4/5 from me.