The Snake God's Dungeon

The Snake God's Dungeon

by Kenaren

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Even the gentlest person can become a monster if their loved ones are threatened. Torga just happens to be slightly more dangerous than most.

Torga, the man once known as 'The Devourer', survived the destruction of his own universe by the skin of his teeth. Now he's faced with an even more terrifying ordeal- rebuilding it from scratch.
At least he's not alone in his endeavor- though he never would have imagined that by saving his dear wife Reina, he was forcing an entirely new existence onto her, and the consequences that came with such an act.

Beings from across the multiverse now want to take Reina's newfound power for themselves, and they'll do everything in their power to get it. 
Torga has more to lose now than ever before. The very existence of their universe hangs in the balance...

It's time for the Devourer to bare his fangs once again.

(This is the second series set in my 'A Snake's Life' universe. Though it follows Torga & Reina, you do not need to have read the first three books to enjoy this one.)

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This novel is awesome and it’s humongous in scale
a universe-constructing, dungeon-building, system tale
the leads have epic backstories, introduced over time
despite some iffy grammar, the characters are sublime

The style is fairly standard, though it’s casual in tone
through multiple perspectives, lots of worldbuilding is shown
the status screens are packed with stats and look okay to me
the casual, first-person style works well for this story

The story is about as large in scale as one could get
I haven’t even started to get the whole picture yet
it seems like you don’t really need to read the prequel(?) books
the novel’s lore is more accessible than it first looks

The grammar is okay, but needs a bit of editing
since the tone is light though, it’s not immersion breaking
the exposition’s clear and dialogue is all well done
sometimes it’s a little clunky, but it’s light and fun

The characters are endless wells of personality 
even side characters have a unique history
the leads’ backstories could be slightly better introduced
but so far important details are easily deduced

Overall this is a massive project in the works
it’s worth looking past occasional writing style quirks
the plot description fairly introduces what’s inside
if you like this genre then you will be satisfied

This is so close to a five star, but it’s not quite there
it still needs a little cleanup, and I must be fair
it’s full of creative twists on universe-building
it’s a plot that has a little bit of everything    ...🐿️