Beyond The Worlds[BTW]

Beyond The Worlds[BTW]

by Dark_4

Would you like to travel to another world? Crossing different dimensions and realities? reach a power that no one has ever reached?

 Shin Akash did not know that he had started his journey to reach the ABSOLUTE. Finding companions along his journey and forming an invincible team, he climbed step by step.

 From student to team leader. from an ordinary human being to the Absolute.

 ------------------------------------------------ - -----


 The characters in this novel will have an extremely high power level, so the protagonists will have some big power boosts throughout the series; however, this will not be frequent and they will grow up "healthy". I guarantee you will understand why in the end.

This story will not be focused on the Harem.

 The protagonist will not be the full focus of the story. All the main characters in the story will have their highlights

 1- English is not my native language, so I apologize for the spelling mistakes;

 2-the whole story is original; however, there are some minor references to other works.

 3-All worlds are fictional (including our protagonist's world), so don't use the "common sense" of our world in this novel

 Chapter words: 800-1500


 Book cover: pinterest

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Top List #1000
Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (7)
Table of Contents
59 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Cap 1: The beginning of sovereignty ago
Ch 2: Learning and make money ago
Ch 3: Explosive power surge ago
Ch 4: New Skills ago
Ch 5: Naomi Vs Mari ago
Ch 6: Training and physical improvements ago
Ch 7: starting a mess ago
Ch 8: Against a student council member ago
Ch 9: despair and the desperate ago
Ch 10: Preparing for the 1st mission ago
Ch 11:Arrival in the world. ago
Ch 12: Mari's entry ago
Ch 13: a busy ride ago
Ch 14: Tyranny ago
Cap 15:Humiliation ago
Ch 16: Meeting the Queen. ago
Ch 17: Preparation for the 1st phase of the tournament ago
Ch 18: Maze ago
Ch 19:Tournament: 2nd phase ago
Ch 20: fight between groups ago
Ch 21:Victories and defeats ago
Ch 22:The truth ago
Ch 23: The beginning of the final battle ago
Ch 24:Final battle part 2 ago
Ch 25:Shin vs Dreyfus ago
Ch 26: Shin Vs Dreyfus - last part ago
Ch 27: The end ago
Ch 28: Decisions and farewells ago
Ch 29: Unexpected events, rewards and lessons. ago
Ch 30:Getting back to routine. ago
Ch 31:The new student: Aka Shirai ago
Ch 32:Chat with Haze and haunted building ago
Ch 33:Attempted murder ago
Ch 34: escape ago
Ch 35: a little tease ago
Ch 36: Against all odds. ago
Ch 37: Meeting the Kobayashi Sisters ago
Ch 38:Huge Profits And Starting Investments ago
Ch 39: Renovated home and digital media ago
Ch 40: Spoiled girls and new company ago
Ch 41: dangerous joke ago
CH 42: Nosy Sisters ago
CH 43: Trips ago
CH 44: Virtual Reality ago
Ch 45:a quiet day ago
Ch 46:Shaking up the entire gaming industry ago
Ch 47:Finding a secretary and sudden call ago
Ch 48:Techniques training and 2nd Mission ago
Ch 49:new skills ago
Ch 50:False gods. The second world ago
Ch 51: Academy ago
Ch 52: first day at the academy ago
Ch 53: Attack ago
Ch 54: hidden secrets ago
Ch 55: Academy president ago
Ch 56: ending the day ago
Ch 57: clumsy group ago
Ch 59: Treasure Hunt ago
Ch 58: Treasure? ago

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Overall the story is fine. Not great but not unreadable. Now before I start I would like to mention the story has potential and is genuinely intriguing despite its many flaws.

The grammar is basic but there are no major issues and it is easily read from a purely grammatical standpoint.

Style- The style is spread out and awkward to read. No paragraphs exist. There are only individual lines regardless of patterns in speaking or dialogue involved. They are spread apart and are incredibly awkward to read. It stretches out the individual moments while also cheapening the major events.

Story- The story feels rushed and bland. Yes, the author mentioned that at the start there would be fast-paced growth but this feels like a bit much. There is next to no explanation for anything occurring in the story. There is a reason stories possess an exposition, while it is possible to do without there needs to be something to draw in readers and the story is lacking in that aspect.

Character- The characters are boring and shallow. All of them are extremely two-dimensional with the only motivations being clear and easy to see. Boring MC cares deeply for his sister in an almost sexual way, the most popular stereotype in this type of novel. The growth is near-instant and is not followed by or directed by any sort of character growth or extended characterizations. All of the characters feel cheap and meaningless which immediately cuts off any sort of connection to the characters that may occur naturally as the story fails to progress.

General notes- Author, please try to reformat or something to adapt the truly irritating style it is now. The choppy and inconsistent lines with double wide gaps make it very difficult to read. The story and characters feel basic and extremely generalized. I know it may feel complete and reasonable when you think of it but get some fresh eyes on it to try and see where the gaps in your intentions are. Putting your ideas exactly as you see them down on paper is incredibly difficult and I do not blame you personally for the mistakes in this. Grammar is one of your best points for this story. It feels simplistic and childish which makes sense given English being your second language. I recommend using a thesaurus once in a while. The grammar is perfectly adequate but slightly bringing up the level of vocabulary without making it awkwardly wordy will improve the story and style overall. 

I will continue to read and have higher hopes for the story's future