Queen of Monsters


Edge Valmond

Chapter 3: A Fleeting Dream(Conclusion)


Days within the past, wings soaring free. A heart breaking those chains binding it, that soul reaching for the endless distance. A nightmarish event, hatred setting in. One desiring answers, unable in understanding the reasoning for such cruelty. Questions weighing on the mind, that young woman seeking a way back to those times of bliss. Arc initiating a request, sending it to Astarte. A digital screen materializing in front of her, the maiden tapping an approval button. Martha running up to the side of the young woman, joyously holding onto her arm.

"Come on!" Martha pulling her along.

"Okay-okay..." Astarte gently speaks.

"Haha, sorry about my sis, kinda hard for her to make female friends here." Arc following along.

Naturalness in these experiences, emotions of the past resurfacing. A small one evermore similar to another, pain gripping at the heart. Even so, this being of the reality. Those three heading onward, that girl telling Astarte of her experience. One of innocence, excitement within the child. That door of the blacksmith shop opening, Ethan exiting the building. Those eyes of the young man turning his attention to the trio, witnessing them moving from afar. Suspicion still holding strong, a player desiring certain knowledge. Those three companions making their way down a road opposite of the city, treading through a grassy plain. The warmth of the sun bathing the land, refreshing the scene is. Birds soaring high, smaller animals roaming about. Enemies from a distance, none paying them any mind.

"Say, you heard? There is a player or group of players that secretly cleared the first floor. If anything, I am impressed." Arc folding his arms, a smile upon his face.

Word quickly spreading, many at an unrest. Some more in impress, feelings contradicting with each other. One remaining within the shadows, having her own way in going forward. Three designing a game in direction to the young woman, cruelty never ending. Loss of her closest companion, hope fading over time. That maiden desiring answers, a realm of a prison providing her with such. Recreations of her past, her resolve burning anew. Glancing in Arc's direction, well in awareness of the information. Distant memories, new events coming into reality, one finally wishing to resist once again.

"Indeed, it is of little concern, so long as we are one step closer to leaving this deathtrap." Astarte calmly speaks.

"I hear ya. Though, a lot of players are being real bitchy about it. I mean seriously, who gives a damn if there is a bonus for the first clear? This is no time to be arguing about who beat it." A sigh leaving him.

An advantage over others, items of value being no more. Countless wishing to leave, each wanting a fair chance. No less, foolishness in existence. Many incapable of comprehending the severity of the situation, branding one as an enemy. Admirable this is to someone, reprehensible to others. A small bonus of little benefit, those wanting this nightmare to be no more. Unrest inside of a world, one pushing her way onward, holding onto the smallest of chances. Three designing an experience, all in hopes of ending a certain being.

"It is always like this whatever game we play, even normally..." Martha looking away.

"Do not concern yourselves with another, simply play the game the way you wish. Certainly along the way, you will meet some kind people." Astarte softly speaks, looking down to the child.

Words of the past, that young woman having a hard time in believing it. Even so, that heart seeking times of pleasure once more. Martha looking up to the maiden, joy expressing from the girl. Different they may be, but those smaller points bringing them together. Others eventually joining in arms, tackling the challenges ahead. Arc agreeing, their journey of evidence. Those three making their way to a camp, foul the stench of the air is. Spikes stretching from the ground, a campfire at the center, tents around the corners. Orcs and Trolls moving about, a home to these fiends. Sitting on the ground, Astarte consuming a bowl of soup. Arc and Martha resting their vision upon her, confusion reflecting from the two. Enemies turning their vision on the three, their mouths salivating.

"Ah...um...Astarte, why are you eating...?" Arc uneasily questions.

"It is best to go into battle well filled." She calmly states.

Food filling the soul, an appetite coming in the most unsettling of situations. Fiends approaching, that young woman consuming her meal. Arc extending his blade, Martha raising her staff. Astarte tossing the bowl aside, that object breaking into pixels, the young woman rising to her feet. Stretching her arms, soon her legs. Nightmarish this experience may be, answers residing inside of a deathtrap. Despite it all, reasoning in going forward. Those eyes of hers growing more serious, malevolence emanating from her body. That energy crushing down, surprising her two companions.

"Now then, game time." Her voice calm upon her enemies.

Enemies around each end, those blades of grass swaying in the wind. Horror in every direction, an experience many can do without. Extending her right hand, that blade hiding away inside of her gauntlet revealing itself. Darkness emitting from her weapon, her foot sliding along the ground. Dashing onward, illusions in her movements. Shaking away the shock, Arc racing behind her. Martha following along, taking caution of the surrounding foes. Unveiling the blade secluding at the tip of her greave, swiftly kicking upward. That assault cutting through a troll, those halves falling apart. Stardust rising into the air, blades of darkness racing through, colliding into the enemies ahead. Many in the process of deletion, fiends closing in on the side.

Arc sweeping his blade off of the ground, waves of energy crashing against a fiend to his right, that attack pushing them back. Martha raising her staff, electricity striking the surrounding area. Enemies frying in its wrath, health gauges slowly depleting, some breaking into stardust. Beauty evermore damning, fear to those witnessing it. A life that is a game, detestable actions on countless. That brother and sister standing back to back, Astarte trailing those many enemies. Amongst the lot, darkness concentrating. Her resolve steadily growing, one rising to the challenge at hand. Arms reaching out, ripping away at the malevolence. A massive troll revealing, one after another. Items constantly scrolling, this side area being a good call.

"This is a bit more than I imagined." Arc speaks in some unease.

Wind of bondage, enemies around each corner. A game that is now of reality, hearts seeking a way towards their freedom. Three pretending to be deities, lives no more than commodities. That troll loudly roaring, smashing its staff against the ground. Crimson waves of energy dispersing in every direction, that attack racing towards the three. Glancing back, Astarte turning her attention onward. Thrusting her blade into the ground, a wall of darkness rushing high. The crimson assault colliding, deflecting in each way. Surrounding enemies suffering the onslaught of the attacks, screaming filling the area, stardust floating into the air.

"Talk about a close one there...guess we don't need a tank..." Arc wiping the sweat from his forehead.

One rising to the challenge, breaking the chains binding her heart. A soul reaching for the sky, wings desiring to soar. That will to oppose, pushing through an abyss of torment. Those eyes of the young woman fixating on the enemy ahead, one connecting a line towards victory. Bursting through the field, that massive troll striking down with its staff. Arc racing in, colliding his blade against the weapon. Slightly crouching her stance, revealing the blades secluding inside of her greaves. That young woman rushing at her enemy, a flurry of kicks assaulting her foe. Spinning through, slicing at the troll. Those blades crashing against the fiend, its health gauge depleting by the second.

Dashing to the side, the enemy glancing towards Arc. That young man thrusting his blade forward, connecting it into the back of the monster. Martha raising her staff, fire racing out. Astarte and Arc rushing away, those flames engulfing the fiend. Agony expressing from it, that maiden skidding back upon her feet, her vision locking onto the target. Her offhand touching the ground, that young woman arching forward, lunging at the monster. Speed evermore intense, instantly striking through the monster. Negativity compressing, Astarte standing from a distance, that darkness violently exploding. The body of the troll breaking apart, stardust rising above. Items revealing within a text box, those spoils quickly scrolling along. A sigh escaping Arc and Martha, problematic the event has been.

"I am gonna guess that your gear is just for show. Jeez, I have never seen someone battle like that before." Arc states in relief.

One once ruling over countless, birthing in a realm of chaos. A heart seeking an existence away from her torment, that chance coming about. That young woman reaching for the smallest of chances, passing into a world far from her own. Pleasureful events of the past, a nightmare setting in. Those few gaining a level or two, a detour of worth. Martha running up to Astarte, holding onto her arm. Uncertainty on what she has been experiencing, a sight of amazement. Many questions plaguing her mind, some answers possibly being present.

"You're an offensive class for sure. Still, it ain't adding up. Does it have something to do with the Neural Gear?" that young man folding his arms.

"Correct, my capabilities here are similar to those in the real world. The Neural Gear copied it, but also imposed restrictions within a lock." She informs.

"Huh...you musta been something else." Arc lowering his hands to his side.


A state of incompleteness, one having to reawaken her abilities. A game of chance, three pretending to be deities. Hatred reaching into the present, that faintest of light being of a possibility. That heart desiring for the nigh impossible, one having the will to continue on once again. Her silence catching the attention of the young man, Martha witnessing those distant eyes of the maiden. Letting out a stressful sigh, her frustrations having no ground on him. A life of torment, one continuously resisting. Those happier times no more than a dream, even so, perhaps it can become a reality once more.

"You okay...?"

"I am well. Anyway, you found quite a good place, it was...nice." She looks towards him.

An outing for a day, one of pleasure. Two companions evermore blissful, simpleness in their approach. Times of yore, happiness existing so long ago. Despair setting in, hatred brewing at her core. Three holding responsibility, memories never leaving her. That maiden desiring an end, the faintest of light existing in a nightmare. Those eyes of hers, captivating they are. Sorrow hiding within them, Arc wondering if it is of his doing. The possibility of surfacing ill events of the past, even so, one trying his best. Secrets lingering in the depths of the young woman, that being wishing in keeping her life to herself.

"Ah...yeah, I'll let ya know if I find anything else." He smiles.

"Anyway, I must return to the blacksmith in Loden, have quite a bit of orders to retrieve." Astarte states.

"I guess we'll join you on the way back." Arc propping his arms behind his head.

Casual he is, a day not of expectance. Two inviting her on an adventure, siblings ever so close. An experience of pleasure, those three heading on their way. Arc and Martha joyously chatting away the time, a duo most pleasant. Years of sorrow, one treading through the darkness. Tides crashing against her, that maiden desiring answers. One seeking a way towards her happiest days, lament deep inside. A heart in pain, that young woman wishing for an end. Hope surfacing within a trap, her will renewing. Light existing in the farthest of darkness, one opposing reasoning. The trio eventually returning to Loden, sundown setting in. In front of the blacksmith, those siblings standing in front of Astarte. Long the day has been, but nice no less.

"Hey, I know you got your secrets and all. Though, there is always a way, you just gotta search for it." Arc turning from Astarte.

Dreadful it may be, agony upon the soul. Despite her struggling, it is never truly hopeless. Darkness existing at her depths, selfishness driving her way. One once ruling over so many, seeking out a life far from her world. Joy for a moment, a nightmare setting in. Years of searching, a way finally revealing. Those words of the young man resonating with her, this feeling leaving her for so long. That will in resisting, opposing what is reasoning. Resolve burning anew, reaching for the nigh impossible once again. Pleasureful experiences of her past, that maiden aiming for those times again, a faint smile coming to her face.

"Bye Astarte!" Martha jumping a bit.

"Bye..." Astarte softly responds.

Those siblings heading on their way, a pleasant duo they are. Even in this nightmare, happiness existing. One seeing the blackness within life, unable in reaching beyond. Time going by, hatred boiling at her depths. Three having responsibility, that young woman desiring answers, never gaining any. A game providing an opportunity, the slimmest of possibility. Facing towards the shop of the blacksmith, Astarte walking in the direction. That maiden entering, Norm standing behind the counter. The man reading a magazine, his vision slightly in the direction of the young woman.

"About time, all of your orders are filled. Now then, mind at least telling me why so much?" he questions.

Questions weighing on his mind, orders evermore peculiar. Hours going by, that man wondering on the reasoning. A strange customer, one possessing the most peculiar of cases. Interest coming along, his skills merely for mass production. Astarte moving up to the counter, her eyes resting upon a digital screen. Tapping an option, transferring the equipment to her inventory. Those eyes of crimson upon Norm, ever so untrusting she is. Turning away, the young woman heading onward. A sigh escaping the blacksmith, scratching the back of his head.

"Thank you for your service..." Astarte softly speaks.

This day...it has not been so bad. My reality so long ago no more than a fleeting dream, a chance finally coming once more. Selfish I am, but sometimes it is okay to be...


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One embracing her imperfections and selfish desires, becoming corruption itself. Trying to grasp the life she most desire, an existence of eternal conflict, sorrow repeatedly pushing through. Hatred deep within, anguish continuously building. Remorse, conviction, resolve, all revealing the seven sins far inside. Taking hold, grabbing forth, reaching out, and pushing forward.

An Iconoclast, one falling into the depths of despair, diving deeper within the abyss. Embracing those imperfections, those selfish desires. Hatred coming into reality, emotions clashing, morality in opposition. Becoming the enemy of the Nine Worlds, her heart guiding her way. A conflict of eternity, crushing down destiny, pressing onward her own future, her resolve feverishly extending.

Devouring those all around, bathing in malevolence. Even if the worlds so shall damn her, that young woman continuously pressing forward. Sorrow deep within, resolve brightly burning. Sins forever staining the soul, her will to oppose, in resisting what is reasoning.

An endless nightmare, one never ceasing. Repeatedly screaming out, none ever hearing. Agony intensifying, betrayal in actuality, trust on trial. One becoming a legend, eternally remaining in bondage. Breaking through one trial after the next, all for a chance in grasping her deepest desire.

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