Rogue Assassin (Pantheon #2 - a LitRPG fantasy adventure)

Rogue Assassin (Pantheon #2 - a LitRPG fantasy adventure)

by saklopfenstein

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A world of villains is no place for a hero...

Imprisoned for a crime he barely remembers, Gunnar is forced to labor in an underground prison camp. But if he works hard, he earns time in a beta test for the first fully immersive online RPG.

Pantheon Online is beyond anything Gunnar has ever experienced, but the game is inextricably linked to his reality as a prisoner. He may not be the best or the brightest criminal, but if he fails to perform... things are not going to go well for him.

Gunnar must quickly learn to navigate a cutthroat city of thieves and assassins, garner the favor of a goddess, earn his way into a guild, and try not to be the brunt of all the AI's jokes.

But there's more going on, and the further Gunnar advances, the more he realizes that he is in for the ride of his life.

Or is it... for his life?

Arc 1 is now available exclusively on Amazon.

The Second Arc is updating regularly here on RR...

Updates on Mondays and Fridays. Chapters about 1500 words.

If you'd like to read ahead and offer input on the Second Arc, support the story on Patreon.

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Word Count (9)
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Table of Contents
46 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Welcome to Prison ago
2 - Grid Eight ago
3 - The Realms of Pantheon ago
4 - Fast Travel ago
A Quick Recap of Arc One ago
Ch. 51 - Let the Games Begin ago
Ch. 52 - Crypt Core ago
Ch. 53 - Battle Strategist ago
Ch. 54 - No Honor Amongst Thieves ago
Ch. 55 - Up in Flames ago
Ch. 56 - Untethered ago
Ch. 57 - The Last Stand ago
Interlude ago
Ch. 58 - Aftermath ago
Ch. 59 - First One ago
Ch. 60 - Cryptids ago
Ch. 61 - Long Term Thinking ago
Ch. 62 - Theatrics ago
Ch. 63 - The Masters ago
Ch. 64 - Client Privilege ago
Ch. 65 - Spells and Enchantments ago
Ch. 66 - Promotion ago
Ch. 67 - Something Good ago
Ch. 68 - Casting ago
Ch. 69 - Dragon's Breath ago
Arc 1 (Den of Thieves) has officially launched on Amazon ago
Ch. 70 - Council ago
Ch. 71 - Competition ago
Ch. 72 - Gathering Shadows ago
Ch. 73 - Messenger ago
Ch. 74 - Something Off ago
Ch. 75 - Scum ago
Ch. 76 - Descent ago
Ch. 77 - Psychic Impression ago
Ch. 78 - Tidal Wave ago
Ch. 79 - Heist ago
Ch. 80 - Payment ago
Interlude ago
Ch. 81 - Beta Squad ago
Ch. 82 - Crow's Nest ago
Ch. 83 - Shell of the Deep ago
Ch. 84 - Rebel with a Cause ago
Ch. 85 - The Plan ago
Ch. 86 - Sufficient Chaos ago
Ch. 87 - Red Runners ago
Ch. 88 - SlapBet ago

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I'm a sucker for prison story's and crimes/thieves in general. So obviously I had to check this one out.

The author clearly knows what he's doing and seems to have experience with writing fantasy.The system feels logical and the environment of the game really cutthroat due to the reason that it's being played by criminals. You always second guess why other people interact with the Mc, because everyone seems to have their own agenda.The 2 side characters that have been introduced so far, are fleshed out and I'm looking forward to their development. I'm excited to see where the story goes, maybe Mc will join a guild. Maybe forge his own path.

It's a fun read so far and I hope it keeps up the good quality.


A solid chose for a brick or men to read

Reviewed at: 7 - Time to Work

I am a simple brick, who likes to write. I like to dip my toes in the words spread across this site, and this story is one of the books I enjoy.

I do not dip my non-existent toes in this book of carfully weaved words, filled with dreams, or maybe the passion to build a world from their minds. I dive, I happily swim through it.

The Author found a way to tell a story with a plot that doesn't feel to rush or forced, more like hay on farmland.

I love fantasy, litrpg, but I do dislike video games books. But this makes it feel lively, I rarely enjoy books based of video games, they just feel bland and untasteful. I my rhymes are sick so don't judge, I bet you stop readin this review at this point.


So in short, the book is really good. The pacing is quite well, grammar is better than most, betrayal needed and given, regret and pain yup, trauma hope so.


Characters pretty good.


Brick-San approved




A decent novel but the synopsis is misleading

Reviewed at: 32 - Drinks on the House

Its a decent book dont get me wrong, the mc is a bit of a wus and is pretty stupid but the main problem is the fact that its not rly a thief novel or anything of the like, its pretty thievy until he meets a certian faction and then it becomes the classic trope of freeing slaves from the noble and its more of a hero novel, i wouldn't be suprised if it completely abandonds the so called "dark side" he is supposed to be embracing